Pokémon Go: Mega Lohgock in the Mega Raids – counter guide!

Pokémon Go: Mega Gewaldro in the Mega Raids - counter guide!  (1)

Mega Blahjock quickly converted the Mega Raids in Pokémon Go into his new training studio; thanks to the December 2022 Events Mega Raid Day: Hoenn. Do you dare to go in? You should definitely give it a try, because Mega Blarney, like the other Mega Evolutions of the starter Pokémon, has a high probability of becoming an excellent counter in raids. Don’t miss your chance to get Lohgock’s Mega Energy!

We know that mega raid bosses are always on the move, and once a Pokémon is out of the raid, it often takes a while before it shows up again. Especially since, at least during Mega Raid Day: Off to Hoenn, the chance of a Shiny Blazard is increased if you defeat Mega Blazard and then get the chance to ban Blahchock in your Pokéball. Below you will find our counter tips for Mega Lohgock.

Mega Blaze as a raid boss

Like its common form, Mega Blarney is dual-type Fire and Fighting. So it has the same weaknesses as Lohgock, namely Flight (boosted when it’s windy), Ground (boosted when it’s sunny and clear skies), Water (boosted when it’s raining) and Psycho (boosted when it’s windy). So you can choose your attackers from a few types and reinforce two types in windy weather. Be sure to check the weather display in the Pokémon Go app!

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Mega Blarney holds 44,147 CP in its strong fists, which it wants to pound you with. The fight against Lohgock cannot be won solo or you find it extremely difficult if you are not a high-level trainer. You’ll need to team up with a few other players to be able to compete against the Pokémon. Blarney can handle Fire-type or Fighting-type Fast Attacks, while also using Flying-type attacks to help with Charged Attacks. Below you will find a list of the best counters against Mega Lohgock.

  • Crypto Mewtwo with confusion and psychoshock
  • Mega Latios with zen headbutt and psychokinesis
  • Mega Simsala with confusion and psychokinesis
  • Crypto Latios with zen headbutt and psychokinesis
  • mewtwo with confusion and psychoshock
  • Crypto Lavados with flapping wings and sky sweeper
  • Mega Turbok with aqua ratchet and hydro pump
  • Mega Latias with zen headbutt and psychokinesis
  • Crypto Sumpex with clay shot and hydro pump
  • Lunala with confusion and psychokinesis
  • Crypto Latias with zen headbutt and psychokinesis
  • Crypto Lugia with special sensor and air blast
  • Hoopa (Unleashed) with confusion and psychokinesis
  • Crypto Ho-Oh with reserve power and nosedive
  • Crypto Gyarados with cascade and hydraulic pump