The 3 largest dealers are currently offering the console – grab it quickly now

The PS5 was under a lot of Christmas trees this year

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Of: Noah Struthoff

The search for Sony’s PS5 has been difficult for years. Now the 3 biggest retailers have had the console in stock for hours. You can buy them here.

Hamburg – If you wanted to buy a PS5 from Sony in the last 2 years, it wasn’t easy. The console is usually sold out within a few minutes and even large providers such as MediaMarkt or Amazon have problems with replenishment. That seems to have changed now. The PS5 has been easy to order since the beginning of the week and the large retailers in particular offer the console permanently. Where can you currently buy the PS5?

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Buy PS5: Get the console guaranteed – These dealers have supplies

You can buy the PS5 online here: This is where the really big dealers score particularly well. MediaMarkt, Saturn and Amazon are the big players in Germany and here you can currently order the PS5 permanently. There are also smaller providers, such as Alternate, but they are no less serious. Here is an overview of all available consoles:

You can buy the PS5 locally here: You can not only order the PS5 online without any problems, but also directly in the shops. Some retailers offer local pre-order promotions where you have to pay a deposit and get a call when the console is ready for pickup. Local pre-order campaigns are taking place at the following retailers:

  • MediaMarkt and Saturn (the pre-order campaign is currently running both online and locally)
  • GameStop (recently 2 online drops, now with local promotion)
  • (Austria only, local only)
  • Expert (only local, even with a cool gift box)
  • Medimax (local only)
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Buy PS5: The 3 largest dealers are currently offering the console – strike here. ©Sony/Unsplash

Buy PS5: Sony’s big pre-order campaign floods the German market

Why is the PS5 suddenly available? The background is Sony’s big pre-order campaign. For this, the producer of the PS5 delivers thousands of consoles to the largest dealers in Germany. Customers everywhere in Germany can then pre-order the PS5 under the name “Give Anticipation” and receive it by January 31st.

So you don’t necessarily get the PS5 delivered by Christmas, but you can at least give away the pre-order, which in itself is reason to celebrate. However, there are already reports from retailers such as Amazon who offer delivery dates before Christmas. All you have to do is order quickly enough and be lucky. The PS5 may still be under the Christmas tree then.

So that you don’t miss any console sales in Germany, we recommend the PS5 ticker from There you will be informed about all drops and pre-order campaigns and are always up to date.