The Callisto Protocol: Valuations crush, stock plummets

The Callisto Protocol: Valuations crush, stock plummets

We’re open late The Callisto Protocol waited, the hopes for the survival horror title were high. Not only should the game from “Striking Distance Studios” be a spiritual successor to “Dead Space” many developers were even recruited from former employees of the cult horror game. Even the inventor, Geln Schofield, was on board. As we have already reported, they are reviews to The Callisto Protocol in the national and international press, however very divided and take on the game with rather average ratings. And the PC version is particularly the focus: the new horror game was released there in anything but good technical condition, the Steam reviews are set to “Mostly Negative” for the release. The average reviews from the trade press and criticism of the PC version have the Publisher Krafton share now let it sink properly into the basement.

The Callisto Protocol with “largely negative” reviews

On Steam, probably the largest and most important platform for PC games, The Callisto Protocol (buy now €173.99 ) really punished for its mediocre technical condition: The user ratings for the release are “mostly negative” with over 5000 votes. However, the players are not complaining about the quality of the story or the gameplay of the horror title. Rather, the poor performance and constant stuttering are in the foreground.

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For example, a user writes: “I really wanted the game to be really awesome, but unfortunately the performance is a joke. Despite 50 to 60 FPS on Ultra, I have mega lags and stutters that make the game simply unplayable”. Other Steam players also see it similarly: Again and again there are stutters in the game, even on high-end computers, and sometimes even complete freezes in which the game shows a still image.

One can only speculate as to why that might be. Recently, games that run quite well on other consoles have appeared again and again with problems on the PC. The most prominent example of this is probably Cyberpunk 2077. But Elden Ring also had problems with the release. One reason for this could be the missing shader compilation, which forces the game to load shaders during gameplay instead of at game start.

Patch Announced, Stock Plunges

In the meantime, the developers of “Striking Distance Studios” have noticed that something is wrong with their game on the PC and have already announced a performance patch. However, that doesn’t help publisher Krafton’s stock either. Since the release, which gave the horror game average ratings from the trade press and a meta score of 76, it has plummeted: the South Korean publisher’s share has fallen by almost ten percent.

Krafton is best known for one game: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It was a worldwide success and is still very popular. Nevertheless, investors always want to seize new profit opportunities, and with The Callisto Protocol they probably speculated on building a brand like “Dead Space”. It remains questionable whether this is still possible after the reviews and the technically rather poor PC version.

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