Trymacs admits sponsor sins – he wouldn’t do those deals again

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Of: Josh Grossman

After EliasN97 is targeted for promoting SPITCH, Trymacs defends his colleague and exposes his own sponsorship sins.

Hamburg – On Twitch, Trymacs does not miss how EliasN97 is criticized for its advertising partner SPITCH. The streamer takes the drama as an opportunity to talk about his own mistakes in choosing advertising partners. He defends EliasN97 and reveals which sponsor he will never work with again.

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Trymacs: Mistakes in the choice of sponsor – Streamer “urgently needed money for events”

What happened? EliasN97 is criticized for its advertising partner SPITCH. A video by Simplicissimus sheds light on the debate as to whether sports betting is about luck or skill. Confronted with the video, Trymacs reveals his own sponsorship sins, defending his fellow streamer. He will no longer advertise LootBoy and SPITCH in the future.

What is LootBoy?

LootBoy is an app where users open virtual packages containing discount codes and virtual goods. You earn points through tasks such as watching ads, and earn coins and diamonds that can be used to open these “loot packs.” Mechanics that allow you to buy premium loot packs with real money are discussed about the seriousness of the app.

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His mistakes with advertising partners:In the early days – I can say that openly – we obviously made mistakes‘ explains Trymacs on Twitch. Because the streamer and his colleagues “have urgently planned funds for events“, research on LootBoy was done at the end. The headwind from the community was the reason to take a closer look at the app and Trymacs concludes: “Of course we won’t do LootBoy again.

In addition, Trymacs discloses that he himself has also advertised SPITCH. At an event with Knossi, the app was a sponsor before he and his team said: “Hey, this is the end of it“. However, the streamer from Hamburg emphasizes that – unlike EliasN97 – he never appeared in front of the camera for these controversial sponsors.

Trymacs defends EliasN97 for SPITCH placement – “Alright to remember that afterwards”

Trymacs defended EliasN97: While watching the Simplicissimus video, Trymacs realizes that parting ways with SPITCH as a sponsor was the right decision. But he doesn’t think any worse of EliasN97 because “exactly the same error with LootBoy” is undermined. “It’s okay to remember that afterwards‘ sympathizes with Trymacs, hoping his colleague will remark in the future: ‘Hey no, that’s sports betting“. We have included Trymacs’ reaction here.

Trymacs sees a much bigger problem in the fact that influencers have to be extremely careful when choosing their sponsor. One wrong decision can cost a career while nationwide soccer events make the exact same mistakes. “I’m so mad at football,” he complains Trymacs and wonders why Jürgen Klopp is also promoting the app, which is officially licensed by the DFB. Trymacs shows the location of Nerd in the Dirt, his own version of 7 vs. Wild.

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