Weekend reading tips 12/2022: Twitter, Pong and Pokémon – News

Weekend reading tips 12/2022: Twitter, Pong and Pokémon - News

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Another week is behind us, the second weekend of Advent is ahead of us. And as always at the beginning of the month, we have put together worthwhile reading tips for you this time too. This issue deals with the question of whether a blue bird soars into new skies or whether Elon Musk shot the bird. Other topics are the distribution of subsidies in the industry and 50 years pong Of course we also dug in the GG archive and selected a video. The latter is this time about the technique of Pokémon Crimson & Crimson (in the test).

“Adieu blue bird: What are the consequences of the Twitter crisis for the gaming industry?”
okcool.space on November 23, 2022, Dom Schott

Twitter faces an uncertain future due to the erratic management style of its new owner. Cathedral Schott spoke to indie developers who use the platform as a communication tool about how the potential collapse is affecting them. josh aka Stuffed Wombat tells him:

What will be lost due to the potential collapse of the platform are mainly international acquaintances and networks – these informal friendships that hold the indie industry together globally. It’s been a long time since developers who know what they’re doing are promoting their games on Twitter, they’re promoting them at the Game Awards or on Tiktok or whatever.

“Seven Days of Destruction”
tagesschau.de on November 5th, 2022, Nils Dampz

“If the world really was made in a week, only Elon Musk could probably take it apart again in a week,” comments Nils Dampz the switching and administration of the new company owner in his first days. He notes that while ultimately too much power is concentrated in one person, the value of Twitter rises and falls with its users.

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“When Computers Learned to Play”
sueddeutsche.de on November 28, 2022, Mirjam Hauck

Pong wasn’t the first computer game, but it was still the one that started it all. draws 50 years later Miriam Hauck for the SZ the history of computer games starting from Atari. Nintendo, e-sports and SimCity. The article also shows how layout can also be done in online journalism.

“Earthquake in the gaming industry”
spiegel.de on November 5th, 2022, Hagen Tertürn

The state subsidies available to the games industry in Germany for this year and next have already been used up. Hagen Terschüren explained on Mirror online, what the lack of additional funds means for the industry:

If this subsidy is suddenly dropped, then of course the contracts with publishers and investors are also void, because it was firmly planned that this subsidy would be given. And you can’t produce the contracted game for half the budget. The lack of funding therefore harbors the risk that the reliability of Germany as a location is in question.

From the GG archive: Lenhardt’s night watch from 01/02/2016
GamersGlobal.de on January 2nd, 2016, Heinrich Lenhardt

Commented until a few years ago Heinrich Lenhardt the news in the games industry from his domicile across the pond, while we had the delicatessen vault parked on the mattress here. This issue looked at a special but not energy-efficient method of saving a game, VR hardware, and someone who might be spending a tiny bit too much time with fallout has spent.

In the video: The technique of Pokémon Crimson & Crimson.

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“Pokemon Crimson & Crimson is a total tech disaster,” says christian water, who is a game developer himself, on his channel Samb Gambles. He accuses Gamefreak of launching an unfinished game prematurely, knowing it would sell anyway.

A big thank you goes to the tipsters this time SupArai, Sokar, euph, Vampiro and Q-Bert. Thanks for your support!

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