WoW: Temporarily disabled skip for job quests from twinks

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from Sarah Petzold
Those who have completed the introductory questline for the professions in Dragonflight once can usually skip it with alts. However, due to a bug, Blizzard has temporarily disabled this feature. Nevertheless, if possible, you should wait for a fix and not start the quest line with your twink.

Dragonflight offers WoW fans a whole host of quality-of-life features designed to make gaming more enjoyable. This includes the ability to use alts to skip the lengthy introductory questline for the new profession system on the Dragon Isles if you’ve already completed that questline with your main character. However, the developers had to temporarily disable this option because of a bug.

Normally you can do the quest line called “Catch up!” in Dragonflight and immediately receive all three Dragon Shards of Knowledge, which you receive as a reward for completing the associated quests once you have already fully completed the story arc. To do this, you have to talk to the NPC Haephaesta at the Ruby Life Pool on the Awakening Coast, who will then offer you the corresponding skip. If you decide to skip the quest line, you will receive all the rewards including the associated reputation points and you can start the weekly job quests straight away.

Why you should definitely wait for the bug fix

On December 3rd, 2022, however, the developers published a blue post on known problems in WoW (buy now ) Version 10.0.2 announced that they had to temporarily disable Haephaesta due to a bug. So you cannot skip the profession quest line at this time. We assume that the WoW team will be able to fix the error soon and that Haephaesta will be available to you again quickly.

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