Cosplayer from Wednesday brings horror into your life

This Tifa cosplay reminds us of Part 2 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake (1)

With the recently released Netflix show Wednesday, based on the Addams Family, the main character of the series has been picked up again and again in the cosplay community in recent weeks. Finally, with its striking design and grim-looking attitude, Wednesday offers a fantastic template for a variety of different implementations. We have already reported on one or the other project on our website. But again someone in Cosplay subreddit impressed with another implementation of the Addams Family character.

Wednesday brings some horror into your life

The Cosplayer”JamieBearFancyPants” has shared her implementation of Wednesday Addams with the world both on Reddit and on her Instagram profile. There was a lot of praise for her successful project. It was also emphasized that the user of the template, which was published on Netflix by Jenna Ortega is embodied looks strikingly similar On this occasion, she told the story in the comments that a friend had told her this before the project.

That’s how Jamie came up with the idea and can now not only shine with a suitable costume and make-up, but also with the right hairstyle. If you take a look at her Instagram account, the quality of her implementation is not surprising. After all, she already has projects of similar quality here Loki or Caradune released from The Mandalorian. All in all, she joins the ranks of previous Wednesday cosplays, which were absolutely convincing.

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