Cosplaying Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 doesn’t need Cloud

A cosplay of Wednesday from Adams Family creates a Halloween atmosphere.

There’s no shortage of nostalgia in the video game landscape these days. This is how Square Enix works with the Final Fantasy 7 Remakes, recently only to Crisis Core, currently always the memories of the fan community. This estimates over 25 years after the original publication of the original on the PlayStation the characters, gameplay and world of the legendary J-RPG. Tifa is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters from part seven. It is therefore not surprising that the cosplay community in particular is repeatedly inspired by her for excellent projects.

Tifa cosplay does not need cloud

The cosplayer is responsible for the implementation “Nymphari“, which their high-quality work in Cosplay subreddit and on her Instagram profile has shared. She not only convinces with a costume that perfectly matches the character and the corresponding hairstyle, but also with a harmonious urban setting as a background. the professional photography from different angles also helps enormously and accordingly deserves great praise.

Also the red ones contact lenses fit perfectly into the overall concept and may take some back to the seventh part of the Final Fantasy series. The positive feedback for the cosplayer was therefore, unsurprisingly, extremely large. The high quality of their work is not a big shock either. In addition to Tifa, Nymphari has in the past some other characters like D.Va from Overwatch or Keqing from Genshin Impact assumed.

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