Editorial 11/2022 – News | GamersGlobal.de

Editorial 11/2022 - News |  GamersGlobal.de

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In the month of December there are many traditions that we can hardly remember how they came into being. Including the Christmas campaign at GamersGlobal. Let’s look at the cards…

The year is slowly but surely coming to an end – and I wonder whether we shouldn’t choose the “years of the decade” instead of the “games of the year”, i.e. simply the last ten years, 2012 to this year. I suspect that the last three won’t appear in many hit lists from a purely global political point of view. Climate crisis, autocratic Reconquista, Corona, energy costs, wars all over the world, a particularly large, particularly serious one right on the doorstep of our eastern neighbors.

And even if inflation seems to have weakened, the gas price brake is coming – pretty much everything has become more expensive. Not the very best conditions for a small website like ours, which lives 70% from user income, 30% from commissioned work and 5% from advertisements and sponsorships. Oops, that gives 105%. Just inflation!

Dear non-premium users, you know that you can take out a subscription, but you might also throw something into the current Christmas campaign (some non-subscribers actually do that, by the way). In any case, this is the end for you in terms of editorial in a few pixels – but it’s nice that you stopped by for a moment.


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