Genshin Impact: What do KT and KSCH mean? We explain the values ​​to you

Genshin Impact Values

Genshin Impact has a large amount of content and information that can be a bit overwhelming. We at MeinMMO therefore explain to you in this guide what is behind the values ​​and their abbreviations.

What is KT? KT is short for “Critical Hit Rate” (CRIT Rate in English). It indicates the probability that you can land a critical hit. By default, the characters have a value of 5%, but this can be increased significantly.

What does KSCH mean? KSCH is short for CRIT DMG and describes the amount of damage you deal with a critical hit. By default, you deal 50% more damage. This value can also be significantly increased.

Which value is more important? Both values ​​play an important role in damage, but in general you should increase the critical damage more than the crit chance. Because from a chance of 50% you land an average of a crit with every second hit, which is difficult to increase with higher chances. It is then important that the critical hits simply inflict more damage.

With Patch 3.3 Genshin Impact gets a new card game. See the trailer for it here:

Genshin Impact Brilliant Summoning Card Game Trailer

Increase KT and KSCH – Here’s how

If you want to increase the values, you have several options:

  • You can equip and upgrade weapons with the appropriate stats.
  • You can create and improve artifacts with the values.
  • There is buff food that temporarily increases KT and KSCH stats.
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Some characters also increase their stats on their own when they reach a new breakthrough level. Diluc, for example, gets KT as a result.

The other attributes from Genshin Impact explained

What other values ​​are there? In addition to the values ​​that have been given an abbreviation in the game, there are a few more.

Max. LP indicates the maximum life points, ATT the attack damage and VTD the defense. Elementalism, in turn, increases the effect of elemental reactions, which we’ve explained in more detail here.

The other values ​​are also relatively self-explanatory. Healing Bonus increases healing done, Passive Healing Bonus increases healing received. Charge Rate refers to the elemental energy that can be absorbed, while Rapid Decay reduces recharge time.

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