noclip documentary on 30 years of Crystal Dynamics – News

noclip documentary on 30 years of Crystal Dynamics - News

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A few days ago it did noclip-Team around games journalist Danny O’Dwyer released his latest documentary project. This time it’s about the traditional game developer and legendary publisher Crystal Dynamics. Founded in 1992 by industry veterans, the Californian studio has over the past three decades created significant and memorable IPs that many of you will surely remember. Of Gex above Legacy of Cain up to Tomb Raider including its reboots and last Marvel’s Avengers some milestone and iconic franchises have emerged over time.

The documentary is almost two hours long, is in English and is available in 4K. As usual with noclip, Danny goes into the origins of the studio and the beginnings in the industry, illuminates the IPs created, which were sometimes more, sometimes less successful, and lets developers and different employees of the studio have their say. In addition to anecdotes and previously unpublished in-game material, the time under the wing of Square Enix until the takeover by the Embracer Group is discussed. Finally, there is a vague preview of Crystal Dynamics’ future plans. You can watch the video right here below.

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