Restore the Tactician in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraphim

Restore the Tactician in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraphim

The Season of the Seraphim is now available in destiny 2 and features new seasonal activities, weekly quests that culminate in the discovery of a new Exotic weapon, a brand new dungeon, some PvP updates, and more.

Additionally, Bungie partnered with Ubisoft to create in-game skins so players can dress up as iconic assassins in destiny 2. Also returning this season are the annual La Aurora and Momentos de Triunfo events. Guardians will be able to celebrate the holidays and memories of last year’s game, and prepare for the challenges ahead.

Season of the Seraph Activities and Rewards

This season revolves around the complicated history of the Bray family and their relationship with the Strategist Rasputin, who is being besieged by Xivu Arath. Guardians will infiltrate the Braytech facility in Robo Battlegrounds and engage in weekly story missions to try to restore the Warmind.

This Friday, a new dungeon will be unlocked for guardians who are ready. This dungeon is available to players who own The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition or the Witch Queen Dungeon Key.

Upcoming Crucible Updates

In Season of Seraphim, the Crucible will receive numerous updates, including:

  • The Crucible playlist structure will be updated to standardize the content offered by the Crucible.

  • Glory will be replaced with a new tier, the Competitive Division, which is a 3v3 ranked game with seven different ranks.

  • A new Crucible sigil, Glorious, will replace the Unbreakable sigil.

  • Engram focusing will now be done with Lord Shaxx, giving players new ways to interact with Crucible rewards.

  • There will be a new hand cannon and a new Trials of Osiris machine gun.

  • Iron Banner will have a new zone control mode: Fortress.

  • Some Iron Banner armor sets from The Taken King will be refreshed.

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Learn more about these updates in our This Week at Bungie issue on November 17.

become assassin

Jump into the Light in destiny 2; The collaboration with Ubisoft resulted in new Assassin-themed skins for each class and all-new items that are available in Eververse. Those who want to explore the solar system in Destiny 2 without attracting attention can dress as Eivor (titans), Kassandra (hunters) or Altair (sorcerers). In addition to the armor skins, Guardians will also be able to get the following new items: a Specter Shell, a Sparrow, a Ship, and the Up Your Sleeve Finisher.

There will also be themed decorative objects from destiny 2 for Eivor in the latest Ubisoft title. Players will be able to wield a sword inspired by the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, Shaxx and Saint-14 armor, and much more.

celebrations galore

From now until Eclipse launch day on February 28, 2023, Guardians will be able to complete the challenges of moments of triumph to celebrate the 5th year of destiny 2. Upon completing the stamp, players will be able to purchase the Moments of Triumph T-shirt from Bungie Rewards.

The Aurora returns on Tuesday, December 13. Eva Levante will once again be in the Tower to celebrate the holidays with the guardians and will help them bake delicious confections with ingredients of dubious origin. This year there will be a new pulse rifle, title, new recipes and more. Until January 2, players will need to gather the ingredients, bake the confections, and deliver them to characters across the solar system while completing the new event card for festive decorative items.

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Game2Give 2022

The Bungie Foundation returns with its annual Game2Give fundraiser, which will feature a host of new and exclusive incentives for fundraisers and donors. To kick off the fundraiser, we’re celebrating with a 2-week marathon of Destiny 2 community creator streamers from December 6-19.