Rumor mill: cryptic Kojima code and has EA leaked a release date?

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Once again the rumor mill revolves around the most important rumors and alleged leaks of the past week. Last week there was a suspect GTA 6 leak as well as a possible data leak game stop in focus. This week, in particular, a cryptic code from Hideo Kojima and a possibly unwanted leak on the part Electronic Arts make headlines in the video game industry. Our detailed rumor mill video can be found as every week linked in the article below.

Kojima and the cryptic code

Hideo Kojima recently drew attention to himself again with a cryptic tweet. The image of his tweet shows three white logos on a black background, to which Kojima tweeted the words “Start a new journey.“. Two logos were previously featured on two billboards that Kojima had unveiled in the previous weeks. These featured actresses Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna, respectively. The third logo, signed “Automated Public Assistance Company” is again new and also causes speculation.

Both the style of the logos and Kojima’s cryptic message would do well Death Stranding or a sequel fit. About a possible disclosure of the Kojima project overdose while the Game Awards 2022 has already been speculated.

Did EA leak a release date?

For Star Wars Jedi: Survivor no official release date is known yet. But Electronic Arts may have unintentionally leaked it itself. Finally, just before the video went to press, an update for the game’s Steam page surfaced. According to this, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor am March 16, 2023 come on the market. Previously it had from Tom Henderson given the message that a new trailer for the game including the release date should be shown during the Game Awards.

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Rumor Mill: EA Leaks Release Date Of Jedi Survivor & Kojima’s Cryptic Characters

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