Steam update for Valheim: Mistlands is officially live

Steam update for Valheim: Mistlands is officially live

from Oliver Jaeger
The Mistlands extension has now been integrated into the full version of Valheim with patch 0.212.7 after it was rolled out to the public test branch two weeks ago. There’s also an animated trailer for the Viking trio featured in the Hearth and Home trailer, whose adventures aren’t over yet.

For St. Nicholas Day, the developers of Iron Gate are presenting fans and players of Valheim with the release of the Mistlands expansion and patch 0.212.7 for the full version. Just two weeks ago, on November 22nd, the developers rolled out the preliminary patch 0.212.5 for the Public Test Branch, but now the final version is available. Again, Iron Gate issues the warning that the Mistlands biome can only spawn in areas that players have not yet discovered.

Consolidated patch notes of Update 0.212.7

Below is the short version of the changelog for the Mistlands patch. This does not differ from the changelog of update 0.212.5 except for one detail. For full patch notes, see the developers’ official announcement on Steam.

New Biome – Mistlands:

  • New mechanics.
  • Nine new creatures + Mistlands boss.
  • More than 20 new crafting materials.
  • Two new crafting stations, three crafting station expansions and three more resource/crafting constructions.
  • 15 new food items.
  • Three new potions.
  • Over 25 new craftable items (weapons, armor and tools).
  • More than 35 new buildings/furniture for building, decorating and defending your base.
  • New type of dungeon.
  • New lore stones.
  • new dreams.
  • New music.
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Miscellaneous, Fixes & Improvements:

  • Angel update.
  • Twelve new emotes.
  • Nine new hairstyles and seven new beard styles.
  • Yule holiday items available (Yule Tree, Yule Clap, Yule Wreath, Yule Garland, and Yule Mistletoe).
  • Various improvements to console commands.
  • Several animations have been updated and improved.
  • Several VFX have been updated and improved.
  • Various other optimizations.

New animation trailer for Mistlands

The developers have also uploaded an animated trailer to the Iron Gate YouTube channel, in which the journey of a trio of Vikings to the Mistlands is discussed. This trio previously appeared in last year’s Hearth and Home trailer. The adventures of the trio have obviously not come to an end.

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How are you enjoying the new Mistlands update? Will you be in Valheim in the run-up to Christmas

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