Surprise hit on Steam is getting its first DLC soon

Vampire Survivors: How to unlock the new secret character (1)

Vampire Survivors surprisingly became an absolute Steam hit. The title has sold over two million copies, 98 percent of the almost 160,000 positive user reviews on Steam are positive, and the success of the action roguelite has led to the release of numerous similar games, such as 20 Minutes Till Dawn. Not only the gameplay could convince many players, but also the quite low price coupled with regular updates that added tons of new content. Vampire Survivors is now out of Early Access, but that doesn’t stop the developer from continuing to release new content.

First DLC for Vampire Survivors announced

Among other things, update 1.1.0 was released a few weeks ago, which added a brand new secret in addition to new achievements and skills. However, that doesn’t mean that Vampire Survivors is even remotely complete. Only recently announced developers Poncle namely the first DLC for the hugely popular indie game by the name “Legacy of the Moonspell”.

The new DLC will include eight new characters, 13 new weapons, and a new stage. Interestingly, the Steam description of the DLC states that Legacy of the Moonspell is the “first” DLC for Vampire Survivors. So we can safely assume that there will be more updates for the game after the release.