TFT Set 8: The 3 best comps to launch patch 12.23

TFT Set 8 Super Duelist

The new set 8 “Monsters Attack” will be released in Teamfight Tactics on December 7th. With patch 12.23 many champions, attributes and items are changing. We at MeinMMO tell you the three best champion comps to start the set with.

What changes with Patch 12.23? The game principle remains basically the same, but the existing champions, the associated attributes, the items and also the augmentations will change. A first overview with all important innovations can be found here:

TFT will get a completely new Set 8 in 2022 – everything about the release date, champions and attributes

So that you don’t get completely haphazard at the start of Set 8, we’ve selected three simple but powerful champion combs that you can start playing with right away.

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Duelist, great

Which champions are used?

  • Gankplank – Super/Duelist
  • Lee Sin – Super/Heart/Brawler
  • Malphite—Super/Mascot
  • Kayle – Underground/Duelist
  • Fiora – Ox Force/Duelist
  • Yasuo – Laser Corps/Duelist
  • Vayne – Anima Squad/Recon/Duelist
  • Zed – Laser Corps/Duelist/Hacker

These attributes are used by the combo:

The comp on the field (built in Mobalytics).

What items does the combo need? There are two ways to play the build. Once Yasuo takes over the role of carry, which is especially strong in the early and midgame. If you’re playing for 1st place, it’s better to use Vayne as a carry. We recommend:

  • Vayne relies on the items Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Giant Slayer and Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Malphite makes her a tank with Warmogs, Dragonsclaw and Gargoyle Stoneplate
  • You can either give other carry items to Yasuo or Zed. Zed is particularly excited about the Rapidfire Canon
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How is the early game going? At the beginning you bet on four Duelists. This is fairly easy as Gankplank and Kayle only cost 1 gold and Fiora and Yasuo cost 2 gold. As soon as you have the three Super characters together, you switch the combo to 3 Super and 2-4 Duelists. This should get you through the early game relaxed.

How is the gold plan? You save up the usual 50 gold, level up to level 6, and then start rolling for champions. For the combo it is important that you get as many champions as possible at level 3, preferably all of them – with the exception of Zed. Of course, you should always stay above 50 gold whenever possible.

A 3-star Vayne usually secures you first place.

Admin, Spellslinger

Which champions are used?

  • Blitzcrank – Admin/Brawler
  • Camille-Admin/Renegade
  • Soraka-Admin/Heart
  • LeBlanc – Admin/Hacker/Spellslinger
  • Annie – Spellslinger/Gadgeteen/Ox Force
  • Sejuani – Laser Corps/Brawlers
  • Sona – Underground/Heart/Spellslinger
  • Janna – Civillian/Spellslinger/Forecaster

These attributes are used by the combo:

  • 4 admins
  • 4 Spellslingers
  • 1 forecaster
  • 2 brawlers
  • 2 hearts
  • 1 Civilian
TFT Set 8 Admin, Soraka
The comp on the field (built in Mobalytics).

What items does the combo need? The combo relies on Soraka as a carry and Annie as a tank:

  • Soraka uses the items Blue Buff, Hextech Gunblade and Statikk Shiv or Giant Slayer
  • Annie uses the items Warmogs, Bramble Vest, Gargoyle Stoneplate

How is the early game going? In order for you to be able to play the combo at all, you need a good admin effect. You get this when you activate the synergy for the first time. You then have three effects to choose from, which vary from game to game and from player to player.

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Really strong effects are:

  • On cast gain…stacking Ability Power
  • On cast gain … Gain mana
  • Upon dropping below 40 percent Health … gain a percent max Health shield

In the early game you already rely on Blitzcrank and Camille. A combo with 3 Renegade would be possible, or other magicians who are good at storing the items for Soraka.

How is the gold plan? You should quickly accumulate 50 gold as usual and have reached level 6 at State 3-2. Soraka is your carry, so you should get to level 7 or 8 early. However, you don’t need to get a special champion to level 3, although Annie is very useful as a level 3 tank.

Aegis, Sureshot, Brawler

Which champions are used?

  • Vi – Underground/Brawler/Aegis
  • Alistar – Ox Force/Mascot/Aegis
  • Ekko – Star Guardian/Prankster/Aegis
  • Leona – Mecha: PRIME/Renegade/Aegis
  • Samira—Underground/Sureshot/Ace
  • Sejuani – Laser Corps/Brawlers
  • Aphelios – Ox Force/Sureshot/Arsenal
  • Janna – Civilian/Forecaster/Spellslinger

These attributes are used by the combo:

  • 4 Aegis
  • 1 forecaster
  • 1 arsenal
  • 2 brawlers
  • 2 Ox Force
  • 2 sureshot
  • 1 Civilians
  • 1 aces
TFT Set 8 Aegis, Aphelios
The comp on the field (built in Mobalytics).

What items does the combo need? In this combo, Aphelios is the carry and Leona is the main tank:

  • Aphelios relies on the items Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Infinity Edge and Giant Slayer
  • Leona should be played with Warmogs, Gargoyle Stoneplate and either Sunfire Cape or Bramble Vest
  • As a second carry, Samira is built with Infinity Edge and Last Whisper

How is the early game going? In the early game, it makes sense to go underground and get as many items as possible in the heist. To do this, you fight initially with Vi, Ezreal and Kayle. Later you complete the combo – if possible – with Samira and Sona.

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The heist becomes particularly lucrative from the third level. If you get to 5 Underground, it’s sometimes worth going up to Heist 6 or 7. Then Samira is first appointed to carry.

You should also bring Alistar onto the field early for the first bonus from Aegis. Overall, Aegis is a very strong attribute.

How is the gold plan? You should get to 50 gold pretty quickly and then use the gold mainly for leveling. At level 7 your chance of Samira increases significantly and with a lot of luck you can also get your first legendary champion.

More powerful combos in fast forward

What other combos are there? The champion Bel’Veth is considered to be very strong when played as a carry. There are two options: You can play Bel’Veth with a strong front line of brawlers or with many threads. This is especially worthwhile if you get the Threat Level Maximum augment.

In a video, TFT’s lead designer, Mortgod, shows just how strong that can be:

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Another strong combo relies almost exclusively on Legendarys like Aphelios, Janna, Leona and Urgot in the endgame. Here Aphelios becomes a carry, as with the Aegis comb. However, this is a bit difficult to play because you need a certain amount of experience in TFT to rebuild the entire playing field in the end.

There’s also a super laser combo, with Ashe as a carry and as many 3-star champions as possible. It plays similar to Duelist Super from this guide.

What are your favorite set 8 combos? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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