WoW Dragonflight: Farm reputation with Wrathion or Sabellian? Those are the benefits

WoW Dragonflight: Farm reputation with Wrathion or Sabellian?  Those are the benefits

Wrathion or Sabellian? Many players are asking themselves this question in WoW Dragonflight or are busy farming reputation with obsidian keys. MeinMMO explains what reputation you get, who you should choose and how reputation actually works.

Should I farm reputation with Wrathion or Sabellian? Once you reach level 70 in Dragonflight and unlock world quests, you will receive the All for One quest. There you shall swear allegiance to Wrathion or Sabellian at the Obsidian Throne on the Awakening Coast.

To clarify the most important question directly: It doesn’t make much difference who you vote for here. The other dragon isn’t angry with you, or only slightly so, you only get a boost in reputation for one of the two sides.

However, you can farm reputation with both dragons at the same time, they are not mutually exclusive. In addition, you will be able to swear your allegiance every week anew. So choose the dragon that you like more.

Don’t you know what the dragons are all about? In our summary, we explain everything you need to know about the story before Dragonflight By the way: Wrathion once caught a decent shackle from the king of Stormwind:

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Farm reputation with Wrathion and Sabellian – Here’s how

How do I farm reputation? Once you have sworn allegiance to one of the two dragons, you will have access to special and repeatable quests at the Obsidian Citadel. There you should kill the Djaradin running around there, collect items or do other tasks.

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Your main source of reputation is Restored Obsidian Keys. You create such a key from 3 key molds and 30 key fragments. You can find the items at all mobs in the area.

As a rule, you will always find whole raids in the group search that farm in the citadel all day long. The drop chance has been reduced, but there are still enough groups (via wowhead).

You must deliver the first key to the dragon you have sworn allegiance to for the week. You can distribute all others after that as you like to farm reputation. This gives you access to the rewards of the respective dealers as well as to special events.

What rewards are there? The reputation with the dragons is divided into 6 levels. You need 8,400 reputation to gain a rank. Each key grants 250 reputation with the appropriate dragon and 50 reputation with the Valdrakken Accord. You get the most important rewards from both dragons:

  • Ensemble: Obsidian Dracthyr Chain Armor (Cosmetic Chain Set)
  • Claw of the Obsidian Guard (Cosmetic Fist Weapon)
  • Onyx Dragonflame Blade (One-Handed Cosmetic Sword)
  • Obsidian Collar (389 Critical Strike/Mastery neckpiece)
  • Obsidian Cape (389 Speed/Versatility Cape)
  • cosmetic adjustments for all 4 dragons from the dragon riding feature

If you want the strong items, you should limit yourself to Wrathion or Sabellian for now. Both dragons also offer other cosmetic rewards and special events.

If you want to further improve your gear, here are all the ways to do so:

Reputation with Wrathion (Wrathion) – These are the rewards

  • Closet of Endless Cloaks (toy)
  • Obsidian Proto-Pup (Pet)
  • Saber of the Obsidian Guard (Cosmetic One-Handed Sword)
  • Obsidian Wing Glaive (Cosmetic Glaive)
  • Polearm of the Obsidian Wingguard (Cosmetic Polearm)
  • Obsidi Claim Carver’s Staff (Cosmetic Staff)
  • Obsidi Claimcaster’s Scepter (Cosmetic Offhand)

When 20 keys are delivered, Wrathion opens the barrier in the depths of the citadel and starts the event “Cleaning up the Vault”. There you will find the special rare mob Shas’ith. You don’t have to hand in all the keys yourself, they are valid throughout the phase.

Reputation with Sabellian – These are the rewards

  • Obsidian Scrims (Toy)
  • Ensemble: Sabellian’s Battle Armor (Cosmetic Cloth Set)
  • Obsidian Guard’s Cutlass (One-Handed Cosmetic Sword)
  • Obsidian Guard Barrier (Cosmetic Shield)
  • Staff of the Obsidi Claim Caster (Cosmetic Staff)
  • Obsidian Guard’s Skullsplitter (Cosmetic Two-Handed Axe)
  • Polearm of the Obsidian Wingguard (Cosmetic Polearm)

At 20 keys delivered, Sabellian has prepared the defense and will launch the Shadow of Death event, where you can kill the rare mob of the same name. You don’t have to hand in all the keys yourself, they are valid throughout the phase.

Dragonflight was released on November 29, 2022. You can find all the information about the new expansion in our special. The trailer gives you an overview of the most important features:

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Farming Obsidian Keys – They’ll bring you that

You can also turn the keys in to two other characters not directly related to Sabellian or Wrathion: Forgemaster Bezentus and Igys the Faithful. Here you get 75 reputation for both dragons and 50 with the Valdrakken Accord.

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In addition, the two characters open a special event with 10 keys:

  • Bezentus: starts the quest “Modify Answers” in which you should kill opponents with a special weapon. Provides 100 reputation with both Wrathion and Sabellian.
  • Igys: Summons the rare mob Morchok, which you can kill for 100 reputation each with Wrathion and Sabellian, as well as special loot.

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