Activision Blizzard: Phil Spencer: Sony shows little willingness to sit down with us

Activision Blizzard: Phil Spencer pleased with acquisition progress

Phil Spencer has announced that Sony has shown little if any willingness to sit down and negotiate with Microsoft.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that Sony has shown little if any willingness to sit down at a negotiating table to reach an agreement on Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Instead, Sony is very open to saying in public what is not going or could not go according to their wishes. One speaks more with the regulators of the various authorities than with Microsoft, it said.

Sony believes that Microsoft will become the go-to place for shooters, that Battlefield will prove it’s impossible to compete with Call of Duty, and that Microsoft wants to make Sony a new Nintendo, to name just a few of the concerns that Sony has attached in the past few weeks and months.

But Microsoft has quashed Sony’s troubled applications to the authorities, only this week announcing that it had offered Sony a legally enforceable 10-year deal that would allow any new Call of Duty part to be released on the same day, when it will be released for the Xbox will also be available for the PlayStation.

So “10 years of Call of Duty for PlayStation‘ should nip any worries in the bud, right?

Microsoft even gave Nintendo a ready-made contract and even Gabe Newell, Big Boss of Valve & Steam, received such a letter from Microsoft, to which he reacted with a certain coolness like a classic businessman. Microsoft certainly made a similar 10-year offer to Sony for the PlayStation, but the company didn’t take it up.

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Phil Spencer now speaks up and seems to be slowly but surely taking off his velvet gloves. He gives in an interview Bloomberg It is known that Sony, while speaking to numerous people from the regulatory authorities and repeatedly publicizing what may not go according to their wishes, has not agreed to sit down with Microsoft to negotiate.

“There’s one participant in the games industry that has really raised all the objections, and that’s Sony – and they’ve spoken quite openly about the things that don’t meet their expectations,” said Phil Spencer. “From our perspective, it is clear that they are spending more time with regulators than with us in order to bring about this acquisition.”

Spencer added, “Our goal is to make it more meaningful on more screens. We have a pretty good idea of ​​how to build a win-win relationship with Nintendo and frankly Sony too.”

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