An AI generates profile pictures – Lensa app cost trap?

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These days, more and more users of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram wondering what’s up with these artistic looking ones profile pictures has on itself, which more and more people on social media seem to use. “What kind of app is this?” is the most common sentence you hear in the comments below these supposed apps artworks gets to read. Since influencers with their huge reach have also been changing their profile pictures in rows, the hype surrounding avatars has been driven by a artificial intelligence were created, unstoppable.

The image editing app Lensa creates profile pictures with artificial intelligence

The Lensa image editing app has actually been around since 2018. However, the function of creating “magic avatars” was only introduced in November 2022 added. Since then, the application, which can be used according to the description “Photos into digital artworks” can convert, viral on the internet.

Lensa dominates the charts in im Apple’s iOS App Store and is even ahead of YouTube and Instagram. Also for Android smartphones the app is available. However, you should be careful: The program is only free at first glance and requires a few euros from the user in addition to sensitive data.

How much does the Lensa photo editing app cost?

Lensa photo editing app is free to download. After installing you will be immediately from the makers of the app “Welcome” called. “Retouch photos, create videos, create art using an AI-powered all-in-one editor app.” it says on the home page.

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Before you can even start the app, you have to agree to the data protection regulations. Experience has shown that the majority of users skim over it the fine print fleeting in order to finally be able to get started. But there is another hurdle waiting for everyone who is interested. On the function of AI-generated “Magic Avatars” can only be accessed with an annual subscription. This is currently reduced by 50% and costs 29.99 euros per year. If you forget to cancel in time, costs again in the following year due.

In order not to let potential customers bounce off the paywall, the app offers a free trial week, but only if they register and thus share their data. After this process, even 31.99 euros are displayed as an annual fee – confusing. If you want to use artificial intelligence now 10-20 selfies a work of art can be created, additional costs will be due. For example, 50 unique avatars (created at the same time) will cost 3.49 euros. As the owner of paid subscriptions apparently it already includes a 54% discount.