Battlefield 2042: Update 3.1 with revised map and improvements is here

Battlefield 2042: First Season starts on June 9th, new trailers will appear tomorrow

from Rhonda Bachman
Update 3.1 is coming for Battlefield 2042. The new patch brings a revamp to the Manifest map, three weapons from the archives, and some improvements. The next mid-season event is also scheduled to take place in the next few weeks.

The shooter Battlefield 2042, released in 2021, receives the 3.1 update today. The patch was supposed to be rolled out at 9 a.m. German time, but the developers postponed it by an hour. The update brings an overhaul of the map “Manifest”, the three archive weapons M416, M240B and M93R from Battlefield 3, as well as some gameplay improvements.

Update 3.1 revamps the Manifest map

The new patch 3.1 brings a revision of the “Manifest” map, which should now offer narrower scope. Previously underused areas should also be adjusted. Flag panels have also been updated and added to major game modes to reduce travel times. In many areas, the paths have been improved and the environment has been adapted more to the ongoing battle.

In addition, three weapons from the archives come into play with the new patch. These are the weapons M416, M240B and M93R, all of which come from Battlefield 3. In addition, there are some improvements and bug fixes. The responsiveness in terms of animation and sound when reloading weapons is said to have been improved. The zoom radius of the minimap can now be changed dynamically using key combinations. Also fixed issues with Sundance’s wingsuit, certain animations, and abilities.

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There will also be another mid-season event in the next few weeks. It has not yet been revealed when this will take place. The event is scheduled to run over a period of three weeks, with new cosmetics being earned each week. A new game mode should be available in each of the three weeks.

Source: EA