buffedCast: #608 with the WoW: Dragonflight release and confusing endgame

buffedCast: #601 featuring WoW Dragonflight, WotLK Classic, Diablo 4, Amazon Games & She-Hulk

Not only the developers, but also we players have high hopes for WoW: Dragonflight. The start of the expansion was not able to meet this requirement, at least in the first few hours. Quite a few, including us, took a little while to finally arrive on the Dragon Islands. After that it went even better. Both of them liked the quest experience very much and it was as bug-free as seldom.

In the endgame both were confused at first. Instead of a red thread like in the past, we were offered a huge number of different options. Go here, go there, do this, do that. The old MinMaxer heart had to get used to the fact that there is no longer a “one right” way in the endgame. Because so far it really seems like you have the free choice to spend your time the way you like it best. However, both of them don’t quite trust the roast yet, but are still happy to try different things on the Dragon Islands.

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buffedCast #608

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