Call of Duty makes a mega deal with the console that you are guaranteed not to use for shooters

Call of Duty and Nintendo make a deal

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Microsoft’s plans for Call of Duty are dividing fans. Unexpectedly, the company is now also planning to bring the shooter back to Nintendo in the future.

REDMOND, Wash. – Of all the major console makers, Nintendo has been the only one missing out on the Call of Duty cake for years. Most recently, Call of Duty Ghosts, an offshoot of the shooter series, came to the WiiU in 2013, since then Activision had consistently ignored the Japanese gaming giant. This could change soon. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has surprisingly revealed a big 10-year plan for new Call of Duty releases on Nintendo consoles.

Nintendo switch
March 2017
Switch (Revision 2019), OLED Model (2021), Switch Lite (2019)
approx. 110 million units

Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch: Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirms 10-year plan

What happened? Since Microsoft announced the acquisition of Activision Blizzard in early 2022, there has been a quasi-custody battle over the cash cow Call of Duty. After all, Microsoft could easily bring the shooter to the Xbox Series X and Series S in the future.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s gaming department, has repeatedly insisted that games be made accessible to as many fans as possible. As proof of this, he tweeted about his latest venture for Call of Duty. So Microsoft has probably made an agreement to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo consoles for the next ten years after the merger with Activision.

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When could the first CoD come to Nintendo? The deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard is currently expected to be completed in spring 2023. Under certain circumstances, a Call of Duty could be playable on a Nintendo console again next year, but a release in 2024 would be more likely.

It remains to be seen whether Activision’s development studios will actually bring a native port to the Nintendo Switch, make a cloud version available via streaming, or even have a new Nintendo console in the starting blocks. The deal remains a small curiosity, after all, the switch is anything but a shooter console – exclusive titles such as Pokémon, Mario Kart or Zelda are still the strongest titles today. A Call of Duty would stand out in the offer.

Call of Duty makes a mega deal with the console that you are guaranteed not to use for shooters © Activision / Nintendo (Montage)

Call of Duty: After the deal with Nintendo, the Microsoft president is now shooting at Sony

What about Call of Duty on PlayStation? Meanwhile, PlayStation fans are worried about the future of Call of Duty on Sony consoles. Even Microsoft President Brad Smith has now turned on the subject and made an open statement Calling Sony via Twitter did:

Our acquisition [von Activision Blizzard] will bring Call of Duty to more players and consoles than ever before. This is good for competition and good for consumers. Thank you Nintendo. And Sony, if you want to sit down and talk to us, we’re happy to nail a 10-year deal for PlayStation too.

Sony seems to have some concerns about Microsoft’s potential exclusivity rights to Call of Duty. Because of the shooter series, Sony even revealed the expected release of the PS6. It remains to be seen whether Brad Smith’s call will ensure that Sony actually engages in a dialogue with Microsoft. Who knows, should the absolute oddest event occur, we could soon be playing Warzone 2 on a Nintendo handheld while PlayStation stares down the drain.

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