Capcom urges us to watch the Game Awards for “all the amazing announcements”

With The Game Awards Just days after airing, new details are starting to emerge about the many new announcements that will be shown during the event. Several important ones have already been confirmed, including Tekken 8, Final Fantasy 16, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and more, and it seems that Capcom he might also have something very important to show.

Via Capcom USA’s official Twitter account, the company recently posted a tweet promoting The Game Awards, asking fans to tune in to see “all the amazing announcements and prizes.” Of course, while there’s nothing in that message to explicitly suggest that Capcom is hinting at an imminent announcement of its own, many have been speculating that might be the case.

Capcom has a number of major titles in the works that could be in line for a new release. resident evil 4 will be out in March, while Street Fighter 6 Y exoprimal will also be released sometime in 2023. Of course, many will hope that the mysterious pragmata finally make another appearance, while fans of Megaman they are also expecting a new announcement in the near future.

The Game Awards are scheduled for this December 8th, so stay tuned for all the updates.

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