Complex gnome sim hits Steam – After 24 hours it has almost 5,000 reviews, 97% are positive

The most complex world simulator comes to Steam after 20 years - Is so deep, cats die

Dwarf Fortress celebrated its release on Steam on December 6th, 2022 and convinced players from the first minute. The complex simulation ends up on the gaming platform after 20 years of development, collects many positive reviews and is an instant top seller. Here is a brief introduction to the new Steam pearl.

What is Dwarf Fortress game? To quote the developers: “An endless hobby, just for you”.

Dwarf Fortress is a world simulation where you control the fortunes of a group of dwarves. Your goal: The dwarves must survive at all costs. But they won’t, especially in the beginning.

The game offers an unexpected depth. Every movement, no matter how small, every interaction in the game can be viewed. Characters have their own personalities, experience their own stories. If your settlement and your influence grows, the neighbors will come and check things out or cause trouble.

Because the world around you is simulated in as much detail as your own settlement. Villages arise and are destroyed – personalities rise and disappear again behind the veil of history.

The title was given a new graphic especially for the release on Steam. However, the optical surface remains rather functional. The strength of Dwarf Fortress lies in the story we create together with the game. Here we embed the trailer for you:

Dwarf Fortress on Steam Announcement Teaser

Dwarf Fortress: Your imagination is the limit

How does that go? You begin in spring with a group of dwarves trying to start over. We should stock up on trade goods by winter. A caravan comes by just before winter, with which we can trade food.

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Most of Dwarf Fortress takes place underground. We dig into the ground, build rooms, set up sleeping areas and set up the first crafting stations. It is already evident that the help menu is your best friend.

The construction menus already offer a lot of choice. On top of that comes the diverse information that you receive about your dwarf inhabitants. With every hour you discover a new button, a new feature, new possibilities.

The deeper you go into the ground, the more biomes and materials you discover. The complexity keeps increasing and so do the needs of your residents.

It will take time for you to fully understand the game and internalize everything. Fans of deep and complex simulations such as RimWorld or Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic will definitely get their money’s worth here.

For 20 years 2 brothers have been working on a fantastically deep game – Coming to Steam now because they need money

What do players say about this? Dwarf Fortress is off to a tremendous start on Steam. Not quite 24 hours after the start, the title has almost 5,000 reviews, 97% of which are positive (as of 12/07/22 / 6:00 p.m.). Here are a few comments:

  • Moh Kohn: “The best game ever. […] It is difficult, complex and deep. But for those who take the time to learn, there is no experience quite like Dwarf Fortress.”
  • Wullfman: “Proof that games are art.”
  • Marcus[QT3]: “Completed the tutorial and my fort was flooded right after. All are dead. 10/10.”

Many reviews tell stories about how long some players have been waiting for the Steam release and the overhaul of the graphics and controls. They agree – video game history is being written here.

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Dwarf Fortress creates a little hype for the release. It will continue to be updated and will continue to grow. Let’s see how far this little title can go.

We are also interested in your opinion on the topic and the game. Leave us a comment on the topic. By the way, a spiritual successor to Dwarf Fortress is RimWorld: Ultra-complex survival game on Steam already has 98% positive reviews – gets even deeper with 3 new, big features