EliasN97 engages lawyer after gambling criticism

Screenshot from the Instagram story by streamer Eliasn97

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Of: Josh Grossman

On YouTube, EliasN97 is sharply criticized for its SPITCH advertising placements. Now he turns on a lawyer and shoots at Simplicissimus.

Berlin – After EliasN97 was criticized for advertising SPITCH, the streamer has now spoken out. He shows little insight and continues to stick to his sponsor. At the same time, EliasN97 is now turning the tables and has heavy criticism for the Simplicissimus YouTubers. It was “a targeted attack against me‘ Says the Twitch star and turns on the lawyer. Fans find the Twitch star’s reaction “just embarrassing“.

Full name Elias Nerlich
Known as EliasN97 or Eligella
birthday December 10, 1997
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on YouTube 1,090,000 (as of December 2022)
Followers on Twitch 1,300,000 (as of December 2022)

EliasN97 rushes lawyer to Simplicissimus – Heavy criticism for the “clicky type[en]”

What happened? Simplicissimus consists of two YouTubers from Aachen, who regularly upload “Exposed” videos in which they examine social grievances with extensive research. EliasN97 was criticized for its SPITCH placements and Simplicissimus explained how close the fantasy football app is to gambling. “As one of the leading football influencers“, as Simplicissimus call him on YouTube, EliasN97 was particularly targeted.

EliasN97 makes a statement: It was only almost two weeks after the video went online that the streamer commented on the criticism and made a statement in his story on Instagram. In it, the streamer opens by saying that he still stands by SPITCH and will continue to do so in the future. He insists that the app can be played for free and criticizes Simplicissimus for not mentioning it often enough. You can see EliasN97’s full statement in the image below.

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EliasN97: Statement on SPITCH criticism on Instagram © Instagream: EliasN97

He also complains that much of the content in the Simplicissimus video is “taken out of context“ be. The YouTuber should only look for a known scapegoat to get more reach – “clickbait“ is what the Twitch streamer calls it. He accuses Simplicissimus of “clicky guy[en]” (Editor’s note: EliasN97 speaks in the singular of Simplicissimus, but certainly means both YouTubers). “Nobody cares about him, so he makes videos about other people‘ he shoots at the YouTubers, who get over a million clicks on their videos even without ‘EliasN97’ in the title.

“And salute to all the creators who live in glass houses and do very questionable things of their own.”

EliasN97 is convinced of himself:I know I’m a good person“, writes the streamer in his statement and has further criticism for Simplicissimus. Since they advertise in their video for legal cost financing in the event of gambling losses, they are also said to be making money from gambling. The fans find this comparison – and also the rest of the statement – ​​“completely, completely weak“. Trymacs also commented on the SPITCH criticism of EliasN97.

Twitch streamer EliasN97 next to the thumbnail of his SPITCH criticism with the words
“Targeted attack against me”: EliasN97 turns on a lawyer after gambling criticism © Imago/YouTube: Simplicissimus/Freepik (Montage)

At the end of his statement, EliasN97 points out that David and Jonas from Simplicissimus will soon find a letter from his lawyer. What exactly he accuses the YouTubers of is unclear, but Nerlich complains that attempts were made to “to smear reputation“. “That wasn’t journalism, but a targeted attack against me“, says the streamer and announces that he will never comment on the subject again.

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EliasN97 “stuck in kindergarten” – fans shake their heads at the statement

“Pretty own goal, big guy”: Just a few hours after his statement, the lines are circulating on social media. Fans seem to agree that the statement “extremely embarrassing‘ is and Elijah ‘rather drink a vitavate” should. Some do not even find the advertising for SPITCH reprehensible and are of the “thin-skinned reaction“ surprised.

“Well, I actually celebrated Eli at the beginning, but what does he do now? Thinks that he would be something better and then threatens him directly with a lawyer is extremely embarrassing.”

Elias argumentative at Monte level”, complain the fans who cannot understand the statement from the streamer. Although there are also some fans who stand by EliasN97 and defend them – but even some of these people think that Simplicissimus is a “normal review video” have made. EliasN97 recently disclosed its accounts – one can only imagine how much money comes from its sponsorship deals, like the one with SPITCH.