EliasN97 hires a lawyer – YouTubers criticized for gambling ads

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Of: Josh Grossman

EliasN97 engages a lawyer – YouTubers criticized gambling advertising © Eibner-Pressefoto/EXPA/Huter via www.imago-images.de

EliasN97 has been criticized for its SPITCH advertising as the app is too close to gambling. Now he wants to sue YouTubers who drew attention to it.

Berlin – EliasN97 was criticized for its advertising partner SPITCH on YouTube. The fantasy football app offers real money purchases that allow you to play for real money. The Simplicissimus channel has taken a closer look at the app and has harshly criticized the Twitch streamer for advertising to minors. Now EliasN97 strikes back and sends a lawyer to the two YouTubers. But he makes himself rather unpopular with his fans and collects hate.

ingame.de presents why EliasN97 involved the lawyer immediately after the criticism of SPITCH.

Simplicissimus regularly uncover social grievances with extensive research in video essays. In a new video they drew attention to EliasN97 and his advertising for SPITCH and criticized him for it. While he takes a point from the creators to heart, he fires back with full force. He says that Simplicissimus is irrelevant and would try to pull up the streamer.


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