For the ultimate challenge in CoD Warzone 2 you have to win 5 times in a row – and don’t fire a bullet

For the ultimate challenge in CoD Warzone 2 you have to win 5 times in a row - and don't fire a bullet

Battle royale games like Call of Duty: Warzone 2 are ideal playgrounds for Twitch streamers who like to face tough challenges. Some streamers are currently trying a mammoth task – they want to nuke the map without firing a single shot.

In Call of Duty, a nuke is the ultimate reward for strong gameplay. In Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, you need to get 30 kills in a row without dying.

This killstreak is now also available in Warzone 2 – but with similarly high requirements. You have to win 5 matches in a row, after which a special order is triggered, which brings many disadvantages, but in the end allows a card to be blown up by nuke.

That alone is quite a bit of work. For Twitch streamers whose job it is to play Warzone, but no longer a specialty.

That’s why the first streamers are now trying the “No Bullet Nuke” – they want to blow up a nuclear bomb without even releasing a bullet.

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How do you get a nuke? In order to secure the atomic bomb in Warzone 2, you need a lot of patience. Also due to the currently difficult technical situation. PC gamers in particular still report many game crashes.

In addition, you have to do the following things:

  • Win 5 games in a row
  • Activate the mission “Champions Quest”.
  • Collect 3 components and bring them to the Nuke’s location
  • Assemble Nuke inside a timer with components
  • Defend the Nuke’s location before defusing

Especially the 3 components cause stress. They ensure that all other players see you on the map. In addition, you receive regular damage and your own map is disrupted.

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Once you have collected all the parts, the “Prison Break” event starts and all players who were actually already out of the match come back.

If all components are in the bomb, the part still has to be defended. If someone deactivates the device, it was all in vain.

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How do you get a nuke without gunfire? While getting started can be difficult for the average Joe to achieve, some Twitch streamers face even more challenges.

If you want to bag the nuke without gunfire, the tactical shield is a must. In addition, a knife in the second hand as well as smoke grenades and other tactical equipment for support.

A typical battle looks something like this:

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The two streamers “BobbyPoffGaming” and “UnRationaL” tried it in a long stream for almost 12 hours. 3 times they managed to activate the nuke order. So far, however, they have failed due to the resistance of the lobby.

At the moment, however, it is only a matter of time before the ultimate challenge of CoD Warzone 2 is cracked. And then the next one is due.

Streamers like to spice up their gameplay with insane challenges that are hard for regular players to achieve. Battle Royale games in particular invite you to do so because of their sandbox character.

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What challenge have you set yourself? Is there anything you’d really like to achieve in a video game? Leave us a comment on the topic.

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