Fortnite is the first game to run on the PS5 with the Unreal Engine 5.1 – the community is enthusiastic about the new look

Fortnite is the first game to run on the PS5 with the Unreal Engine 5.1 – the community is enthusiastic about the new look

Fortnite got a graphics overhaul on the PS5 just in time for the start of Chapter 4. While the game used to be laughed at for its brightly colored comic book look, it has become a wonderful game on the PS5 almost overnight. You can find all information about this in this article.

What happened in Fortnite? On December 4th, the brand new Chapter 4 of the popular battle royale was launched. A lot of changes have come into play with the update and there is also a new Battle Pass.

But for people who gamble on the PS5, there is another further revision. Because Fortnite is the first game that you can play with the Unreal Engine 5.1 on the PS5. We explain to you what’s behind it.

Fortnite now runs on Unreal Engine 5.1

Why does Fortnite suddenly look so much better? Epic overhauled the game’s graphics on the PS5 just in time for launch. With the move to Unreal Engine 5.1, some absolute next-gen features are now available on PS5:

  • nanites enables extremely high-resolution and detailed textures and 3D models to be displayed in real time. Even individual trees now have around 300,000 polygons, according to Epic (via EpicGames).
  • lumens is a special lighting technology of the Unreal Engine 5. With this form of global illumination, light refractions and reflections are calculated in real time and also over large distances in a particularly credible way.
  • Virtual Shadow Maps allow the display of very detailed shadows.
  • Temporal Super Resolution (TSR) ensures a high frame rate / refresh rate despite the very high quality visuals.
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You can see how much the game has been pimped up in this comparison image:

Fortnite is suddenly really beautiful (Source: r/gaming).

However, in order to be able to use all these features, you must disable the game’s 120 FPS mode on the PS5.

How to disable 120 FPS mode: You can find out how to disable Fortnite mode on your PS5 in this official guide from Epic Games read.

To do this, however, you must first activate the performance mode of your PS5. You can read how to do this in this article:

PS5: Should I Play Games in Performance Mode or Resolution Mode?

How are the graphical changes received in the community? Fortnite is the first console title to run on Unreal Engine 5.1 with full Nanite and Lumen support. Although the switch to the original version of Unreal Engine 5 took place almost exactly a year ago, it was received with less euphoria at the time.

The main criticism was that you hardly noticed any difference graphically at first. At the time, however, some users were not aware that the implementation of the 5th generation of the engine was just the beginning of the future better and, above all, more influential updates, as is the case now.

Accordingly, the reception of the Unreal Engine 5.1 is much more positive this time.

Not only is the community excited about the latest graphical improvements, but they also generally praise the way Fortnite has reinvented itself several times over the past few years — such as with the introduction of Zero Build mode (via Reddit and Twitter). This gives some users an idea of ​​what would be possible with the game on the PS5 in the future. A Reddit user writes about this, for example:

People like to get upset about Fortnite, but the developers always manage to take the game to a new level.

I said this before on the subreddit, but I genuinely believe that Fortnite can do something great for the PSVR 2. […] There are so many additional game modes, I could well imagine the developers adding some sort of “hub” mode that could become the Metaverse or VR Chat on the PlayStation.

Reddit user WanderWut on the PS5 subreddit.

And other Reddit users have similar thoughts in the same direction:

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Sony introduced the new VR headset, PSVR2, for the PS5 a few weeks ago. You can now pre-order the device.

What awaits you with PSVR2, what you can look forward to and what the fun will cost you can read in the following article:

PSVR2: Sony announces price and release date of the VR headset for PS5

Here are a few more screenshots that show how beautiful Fortnite is now.

Now you are asked: How do you like the graphical changes to Fortnite that come with the switch to Unreal Engine 5.1? Are you as enthusiastic as the many users on Twitter and Reddit?

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