Fortnite puts “banned” items in the shop only to have them removed – players believe it’s on purpose

Fortnite puts "banned" items in the shop only to have them removed - players believe it's on purpose

Weird things are happening in Fortnite’s item shop. The rarest emotes in the history of the BR shooter appear for a short time, only to be removed from the market after a few hours. Players suspect Epic is doing this on purpose.

Why are these items “forbidden”? Fortnite has already ported a lot of things to the item shop. Including emotes and skins, which have caused controversial discussions. Most notably in the early days of the BR shooter, well-known moves from Snoop Dog, Will Smith, and Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) were brought into play and sold for V-Bucks.

However, this has had consequences because Epic Games has not asked permission from the creators behind the dance steps. Without further ado, the developers were dragged into court to clarify the copyright violations.

Because of this, Epic Games banished these emotes, as well as other problematic skins, to the Vault, never to see the light of day and cause problems again—until now. Two of these emotes still made it into the shop, one after the other. Players suspect: this is intentional.

Epic is playing a game and fans don’t know which one

What emotes have been brought to the shop? These are two of the three rarest emotes in Fortnite:

  • Clean – Moves by Snoop Dog, that hasn’t been in the shop for 1455 days
  • Exuberance – Moves by Will Smith, this hasn’t been in the shop for 1500 days

These two emotes were also considered items that were “blacklisted” and should not be returned. On December 6th and 7th, however, they were temporarily displayed in the shop for a few hours and then removed again. The Clean emote was the first of the two. Players thought it was an accident and didn’t suspect it.

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However, today, December 7th, the Exuberance emote made it into the shop before being removed a few hours later as well.

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Even regarding the removal of Exuberance, Epic only has this to say on Twitter: “We are aware that the Daily section of the Item Shop is currently missing and will return in the next Item Shop update”. Now fans believe that this is no longer a coincidence.

Fans are now commenting on the Twitter post by Fortnite Status with the following comments:

What items are players hoping for? While many players now suspect that Epic Games is doing this on purpose, many fans are also hoping that some of the rarest items will make a return to the shop. This includes:

  • The Mako Glider
  • The Renegade Raider Skin
  • The Raiders Revenge Pickaxe
  • The Fresh Emote

So if you still need these items for your collection, please keep your eyes open in the coming days and be awake at least until 01:00 a.m. German time to experience the shop reset. This way you can make sure that you get hold of the items before they are taken off the market again.

What do you think of Epic Games playing games like this with the players? Do you find it amusing or do you think it’s a shame that your OG items are no longer OG? Please let us know!