G.Skill DDR5-8000 C38: Listed for 599 euros

G.Skill DDR5-8000 C38: Listed for 599 euros

from Maximilian Hohm
G.Skill has now released the DDR5-8000 kit introduced last month. It is delivered in a black and a silver version together with the XMP 3.0 profile for the extremely high clock rates. Therefore, read more about the memory kit below, how high it has already been overclocked and why it should only be used on absolute high-end platforms.

Intel’s Alder Lake was the first CPU generation to support DDR5 memory. As expected, it was extremely expensive when it was released and quickly sold out due to the global supply chain problem. In the meantime, however, the memory prices have dropped significantly and with Intel’s Raptor Lake and AMD’s Zen 4 there are two new CPU architectures that can or must also use DDR5 memory. Storage itself has also changed. Faster and faster memory kits are now available at affordable prices, and manufacturers such as AMD speak of a sweet spot in DDR5-6000 and low latencies.

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However, there are still much faster memory kits like the new G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-8000 kit. The memory specialists from G.Skill had already announced this in November and provided it with a release for Intel’s Raptor Lake. One module of this memory kit was already overclocked to DDR5-10000 to show the potential. The RGB illuminated memory kit comes in black and silver colors and includes two 16 GiB memory sticks.

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In the XMP 3.0 profile, these offer latencies of 38-48-48-128 at a relatively high operating voltage of 1.45 volts. Nevertheless, the memory kit is probably not often used in pure XMP mode, since the substructure used has to be strong and even high-quality memory is usually optimized by hand. Not many Raptor Lake processors have a sufficient integrated memory controller (IMC) and on AMD systems little seems to be possible above DDR5-6600. This requires an absolute high-end mainboard, since cheap models usually cannot achieve these clock rates.

So far, the memory kit has only been validated on the Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Apex in combination with a Core i9-13900K. Both the black as well as the silver Version of the DDR5-8000 kit are now listed in the PCGH price comparison. For the silver kit will be current 600 euros called while the black kit is out of stock.

Source: Tom’s hardware


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