Gamer buys graphics card on Amazon, gets fake product – dealer refuses refund until the “correct” item is returned

Gamer buys graphics card on Amazon, gets fake product - dealer refuses refund until the "correct" item is returned

A family had ordered a graphics card on Amazon and received a fake product. It takes almost 5 months for the story to end well for the family.

Many users order products online. Amazon is one of the most important addresses here if you want to order a graphics card or a processor.

But one family was not so lucky. Because instead of a graphics card, there was a counterfeit product. It was only after Go Public, an investigative news program on the CBC, got involved that things were resolved. At the CBC you can read the whole story.

Some gamers only find strange objects on their new gaming PC:

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Family orders on Amazon: “It was quite a shock”

What exactly happened? A family in Canada wanted to make their son happy after graduating from high school and ordered him components for a gaming PC. In this way he could then have built his own PC.

The family ordered the components directly from Amazon. But when Matthew opened the graphics card’s packaging, he found that the plastic case had been hollowed out and filled with a plastic-based substance to weigh it down.

In a conversation with the the family explained that this package came as quite a surprise to them:

That was quite a shock. Everything looked pretty official until the point I pulled it out and took a second look.

However, the much bigger problem was the return of the fake product on Amazon. The father of the family took care of returning the defective product.

  • However, Amazon informed him in an email that there would be no refund until the “correct” item was returned.
  • In addition, the Amazon representative said that the returned counterfeit item was thrown away to protect other employees.
  • Amazon repeatedly stated that they had delivered the correct item.
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Amazon Stops Returns: “They’re Basically Saying We’re Trying To Cheat Them”

What happened next? Amazon stopped returns. The real product had not arrived and that was the end of the matter. An employee stated that the decision was final. However, the father of the family does not understand this, as he explained to the Canadian newspaper:

The box had obviously been tampered with. We actually expected Amazon to have better quality controls and better procedures to ensure this didn’t happen.

And the family is not happy with the decision:

They’re basically saying we’re trying to scam them. We’ve never sent anything back or anything like that. That’s a bit of a slap in the face. They basically ended things and said there was nothing more to discuss. And unfortunately I have a different opinion.

How did the story end? In the end, however, the incident had a happy ending. After going public with the story, the family’s company refunded their money and apologized that it took nearly five months to resolve the “unfortunate incident.”

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