God of War Ragnarök: Menace from Hel – Locations of all 6 Hel Rifts (Solution)

God of War Ragnarök: Bedrohung aus Hel - Fundorte aller 6 Hel-Risse (Lösung, Guide)

Of course, Atreus and Kratos end up in too God of War Ragnarok back to the icy world Helheim, in which the dead never rest. During the main mission reunion several cracks will open up in the nine worlds, which of course you now have to close. This is at least the order of the favor threat from Hel.

Overall you will find in the game six such crackswhich Atreus and Freya can close, but Kratos has to nasty to them in the meantime descendants from Hel to protect. If the two succeed in their attempt, you not only get the valuable resource every time Essence of Helbut also one frost sparks.

Once you have received all six Frost Sparks, they become one frost flamewith which the Leviathan Axe can be improved. For that you have to 6 Hel cracks but of course find it first, but don’t worry, because that’s exactly what this one is for solution there, in which we tell you exactly where you have to look for the cracks in the worlds.

God of War Ragnarök: All 6 Hel Crack Locations (Solution)

The Fallen Menace from Hel starts at the end of the Reunion campaign completely automaticallybecause as soon as Atreus Sindri’s house returns is there the first crack and you must help push back the onrushing dead. As soon as Kratos witnesses the carnage, you have to close this Hel rift anyway.

Hel Rift #2: The Shimmering Bundle (Helheim)

You can’t miss the second Hel Rift either, even if you wanted to. As soon as you enter the region during the main mission The shimmering bundle entered, you will automatically arrive second crack over and must also close it as part of the campaign. The valuable reward is still there though, so that’s probably okay.

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Hel Rift #3: Aurvangar Wetlands (Svartalfheim)

Of course, this Hel Rift only appears once the corresponding favor has been activated. In this case, return to the Aurvangar Wetlands in Svartalfheim back and lays in the central area on the eastern shore on. The Hel Rift can be seen from the water, so you shouldn’t have much trouble tracking it down.

Hel Rift #4: The Strönd (Alfheim)

Find the mystical gate at the beach up and you have the fourth crack in God of War Ragnarok actually achieved. From the gate just run to the right and then a few meters to the south and you’re already heading straight for the crack. Close it and you’ll get plenty of experience points and resources again.

Hel Rift #5: The Southern Wilds (Vanaheim)

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This rift is also very easy to reach, but of course it also only appears after the Hel Threat favor has been activated. Teleport to the Mystic Gate in the southern wilderness from Vanaheim and just walk a few meters from there Northso you really can’t miss the crack at all.

Hel Rift #6: Urd Well (Midgard)

Far in north-west Midgard is the Urd fountainwhich you during the main mission The Word of Destiny have to visit. Unfortunately, you cannot visit the Hel Rift during this mission, but if you return there later of your own accord, you will automatically walk past this rift on your way to the well.