Here you farm the best strong loot in WoW – up to level 385 without much effort

Here you farm the best strong loot in WoW - up to level 385 without much effort

WoW Dragonflight does a lot of things differently than its direct predecessors. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours farming resources to get into the endgame. Once you’ve reached max level in the Dragon Isles, you can start hunting for powerful gear. MeinMMO reveals how you can be successful in a short time.

How do you quickly get gear up to 385 item levels? Currently, two methods are particularly popular with the players. You can take part in the storming of the Dragonbane Fortress on the Awakening Coast every 2 hours. Once that’s done, you should go hunting for the so-called “super rares” together with your fellow combatants.

These super rares drop loot with a higher item level than “normal” rare mobs. Currently you can find them with a bit of luck on the Awakening Coast, the Azure Mountains and Thaldraszus.

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You can see the most important features of WoW Dragonflight here in the video:

WoW shows the most important features of Dragonflight in the gameplay trailer, fans praise: “Finally hype again”

Storm the Dragonbane Fortress

What is this event? The Dragonbane Fortress Storm World Event takes place every 2 hours in the Awakening Coast zone. If you complete the scenario successfully, you will be rewarded with a box that can contain powerful equipment.

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What’s so special about it? The great thing about this event is that you can participate as often as you like. You are only limited by the two-hour interval between scenarios – once the event is over, you have to wait for it to start again.

It was initially possible to bypass the event’s two-hour cooldown by hopping to a different server. Some players were able to earn up to 6 or 7 boxes every 2 hours. But Blizzard has now intervened and you can only get one reward box per hour.

What are the rewards? The first successful completion of the event each week will award an item up to item level 382, ​​and each subsequent completion will award a box that has a chance of dropping a high-level item. You will also be rewarded with 50 Valdrakken Accord reputation and some crafting materials.

Here you can find out how to unlock the event and which quests you can complete there:

WoW: “To the Dragonbane Fortress!” – This is how you complete the quest and secure yourself strong loot

“Super Rares” drop loot with item level 385

What are Super Rares? These are rare monsters, dubbed “Super Rares” by the community. They are particularly interesting for players who already have a high item level. But don’t worry, if your item level is lower than 365, you can still get upgrades from “normal” rares.

How can you recognize super rares? This is where it gets complicated, because it’s not obvious at first glance whether a monster is a super rare. So theoretically every rare monster could be a super rare, but you won’t find that out until you look at the loot.

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If the item level is higher than the item level you would normally get from rare mobs, you have defeated a super rare. The community has already identified some super rares and we have put together an overview for you based on this information.

Awakening Coast

  • Rohzor Melting Strike
  • Turboris
  • Cauldron Bearer Blakor
  • Captain Lancer
  • battle horn Pyrhus
  • singe

Azure mountains

  • High Shaman Rotknuckles
  • bladder fur
  • moustache
  • gnarling


What are the rewards? Basically, the super rares have a lot of different equipment in their luggage. From weapons to cloth, leather, chain or plate armor, to pieces of jewelry, everything can theoretically drop. However, the items they drop vary from monster to monster.

Note, however, that super rares, just like “normal” rares, do not have to have the right loot in their luggage for every class. It is therefore quite possible that you will receive equipment that you cannot use yourself.

Since the super rares are a discovery that the community has only recently made, it may well be that more information will come to light in the coming days and weeks. We’ll keep an eye on these developments for you and will update the post accordingly.

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Have you already been able to dust off really good loot? Or are you still waiting for the Mythic Dungeons and Raid to open their doors? Do you maybe enjoy something completely different? Dragon Riding, Quests, Professions or PvP? Leave us a comment with your impressions of Dragonflight!

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