Joris unpopular with many – even Knossi tells him “Press it”

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Of: Josh Grossman

Not all candidates at 7 vs Wild are fun to watch. Many fans are currently picking on Joris and even Knossi advises him to press the button.

Isla San Jose, Panama – The episodes of 7 vs. Wild are long and filled with detailed speeches from the participants. On YouTube you get such deep insights into what Fritz Meinecke and the other candidates think. However, some fans complain about Joris and skip his appearances on 7 vs. Wild. The Wildcarder “just annoying and babbles sh*t“.

title 7 vs Wild: Panama (Season 2)
episodes 17
production Fritz Meinecke, Wandermut
participants Sascha Huber, OttoBulletproof, Starletnova, Sabrina Outdoor, Knossi, Fritz Meinecke, Joris (wildcard)
genre Survival challenge, bushcraft, wilderness
format YouTube web series

7 vs. Wild: Hate for Joris – fans of the show complain about wild card winners

What happened? In the episodes of 7 vs. Wild you are exposed to long and detailed descriptions of the participants. In feature film length, less exciting speeches can hardly stand out and give hope for the next sensation. Especially with Joris, the fans long for the talk of the other participants and are happy to skip his parts in 7 vs. Wild.

7 vs. Wild: Joris receives hate from fans – even Knossi tells him “Press it” © Instagram: Joris_rdy/Unsplash/7 vs. Wild (Montage)

There are a number of comments about Joris and his parts in 7 vs. Wild that don’t seem particularly friendly. “The howling buoy. I always fast forward there” or “Joris only do it on heuli meuli. Boy, this is so stressful for me“ are examples from the 7 vs. Wild community. His very negative mindset seems to bother many fans. Joris saw a crocodile on 7 vs Wild and even that doesn’t seem exciting enough for the haters – they just don’t believe him.

  • Joris is always skipped“ Daddyyyyy on TikTok
  • Joris the biggest disappointment of the season“ The Dandman on TikTok
  • The tension keeps sinkingAndr2w on TikTok
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But not only Joris have the haters in their sights. In addition to Joris, Sabrina is often mentioned on Twitter. “Joris and Sabrina fuck me so much” and “the [Joris und Sabrina] talk so much sh***, wow‘ wrote annoyed fans on Twitter. But not all viewers who find Joris annoying have something against the amateur biologist personally: “Joris annoys me and at the same time I like him” said a comment on Twitter.

7 vs. Wild: Even Knossi advises Joris to press the button – “You really wanted to”

Knossi says: The streamer watched episode 7 on Twitch and talked about Joris. With 7 vs. Wild, Knossi seems to be the complete opposite of Joris when he “willpower“-Calling survives the rain. Joris, on the other hand, often has thoughts of breaking up and he says himself that it would be no wonder if the rainy third night breaks him.

I signed up here voluntarily” Joris complains at 7 vs. Wild and collects a comment from the Twitch streamer: “You really wanted this“. Knossi widens his eyes when Joris reveals his negative mindset. Finally, Knossi has had enough and advises his comrade: “Joris, come on push.We have included a clip of Knossi for you here.

But Knossi doesn’t only have negative words for Joris. The streamer is thrilled with the wildcard winner’s shelter, citing “he does it really well“. The differences between Joris and Knossi when starting a fire are huge and also provide a lot to talk about 7 vs. Wild.

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