Latest Exotic in Destiny 2 comes with Raid Feeling and 4 Catalysts – Here’s how to get it


Destiny 2 Season 19 started last night and the most striking highlight so far is a new exotic weapon that you don’t get right away. MeinMMO tells you how and when you can unlock revision zero and, above all, what makes it so special.

After Season 18, which ended in a very weakened state, the Destiny 2 custodians had high demands on the new content of Season 19. Above all, loyal custodian souls are now increasingly longing for variety and the good old Bungie innovations.

Season 19 has been quite stingy so far because it hasn’t revealed any new armor exotics yet. But at least we know 3 exotic weapons that the guardians can earn:

  • The exotic submachine gun “The Manticore” comes from the Season Pass and has a 900 rate of fire as well as the perk “Sliding Fang”. She lets Guardians fly thanks to her anti-gravity repulsors.
  • In the new dungeon, which will start on December 9th, an exotic arc seems to await the Guardians, as per info suggest. However, we cannot tell you more about it at the moment.
  • The third exotic weapon is Revision Zero, which will feature multiple catalysts that can further increase the weapon’s power.
The SMG “The Manticore” is the Season Pass Exotic with a 900 fire rate and “levitation option”.

So it was not surprising that “Revision Zero” in particular received the most attention in the first few hours. Mainly because the associated quest is timegated, i.e. not immediately and easily available like “The Manticore”.

What makes the weapon so special? Revision Zero is an Exotic Pulse Rifle with a futuristic flip-up sight. It is quite possible that the zoom factor of the weapon can also be varied with it. Nothing is known about the rate of fire and damage. But “Revision Zero” will probably be extremely flexible elsewhere.

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Only one special team armor exotic for all classes, the Eon Souls, did Bungie incorporate similar choices when improving this barely played exotic in Season 13 in early 2021.

This is how Destiny 2 is pimping up its probably worst armor exotic for the new season 13

Until now, Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2 have only had the option of a single Catalyst that enhances their characteristics. But revision zero should offer 4 catalysts. Weapons like this have not existed in this form in the loot shooter before.

Again YouTuber MoreConsole discovered, the Revision Zero exotic will feature these 4 catalysts:

  • outlaw
  • frenzy
  • timer
  • Under pressure (Pressurized)

It is possible, but currently not certain, whether these names of the catalysts will also go hand in hand with the well-known weapon perk properties.

You can see the first gameplay with the “Revision Zero” weapon in the trailer from minute 1:15:

Destiny 2 shows the Season of the Seraph in the trailer – heralds the return of the warm spirit Rasputin

What makes the Revision Zero weapon so special? However, the special visor is not all that the new exotic in Destiny 2 has to offer the guardians. Revision Zero will also be available with randomized Catalyst Perks. Bungie has not yet revealed what exactly they can do.

How to get Revision Zero in Destiny 2

Bungie is sending the Guardians on a secret mission to get their hands on the new Revision Zero Exo-weapon. Your task is to gain access to the most secure facility in the solar system: the BrayTech orbital platform above the Last City. This location is the well-known raid location “Deepstone Crypt” from the DLC “Beyond Light”.

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When will the Revision Zero Exo mission be available? Each week there will be different levels of security to overcome. Once the Guardians are deep enough into the facility, they reach the Revision Zero weapon. This will be the case from December 20, 2022 at 6:00 p.m., i.e. directly after the weekly reset.

We don’t know exactly how you get the weapon in the end and what the quest for it looks like. But as soon as we have more information on this, we will add it here.

How do you get the catalysts for Revision Zero? Once the Exotic quest is available, it will be the task of the Keepers over the next few weeks to collect the Revision Zero Catalysts on Legendary difficulty. This suggests that the Kats are not all immediately available, but only gradually come into play. Also, which advantages the respective catalysts will offer is still unknown and remains to be seen.

So while you got your hands on the Season Pass Exo “The Manticor” pretty quickly and could try it out, Revision Zero is currently still out of your reach. However, it’s also something that keeps Guardians curious about what’s to come. And it is currently not known whether that was really all that the new Season 19 has to offer.

How do you find the implementation of this exotic quest? Do you think it’s good that Bungie doesn’t give you an exotic right away and you have to “work for it” first? Or do you want to get everything that a season includes right away? Please tell us in the comments.

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