Lost Ark wanted to fix an annoying bug, fails terrifically – players demand: No new content until it’s fixed

Lost Ark wanted to fix an annoying bug, fails terrifically - players demand: No new content until it's fixed

Actually, everyone should be happy in Lost Ark, because the big December update is just around the corner next week and will bring a lot of new content with it. That’s exactly what the fans don’t want at the moment, because ongoing technical problems are causing a lot of frustration.

What’s going on at Lost Ark? The MMORPG has reported increasing technical problems for weeks. These are primarily expressed through frequent crashes of the game or at least disconnections.

The individual error messages are varied. From a simple “lost connection” to cryptic codes to the particularly unpopular “EAC Offline”. No matter which of the messages affects you, you will be thrown out of your current instance.

This is particularly annoying because Lost Ark has a lot of content that you can only complete daily or even weekly. With a bit of bad luck, this means that you complete the task but don’t get any loot for it. Such reports are piling up.

In addition, after the penultimate update, there were problems with the anti-cheat provider Easy Anti-Cheat. These led to increased CPU temperatures and the fact that the MMORPG could no longer be closed at all.

Developers can’t handle problems

What is Lost Ark doing about it? The developers have already tried to get the problems under control with several updates. For weeks, fans have been expecting improvements after the planned weekly downtime. Even several irregular server maintenances were performed.

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At best, however, these were able to narrow down the problems slightly. Also today, December 7th, there was a planned downtime. The night before, the version of Easy Anti-Cheat was rolled back to address the CPU temperatures issue.

But since the servers are back today, things are even worse than before. The subreddit is literally bursting with complaints about the constant disconnections and we at MeinMMO also had to record a total of 7 crashes in about an hour.

The cooperation with The Witcher is scheduled to start in January, hopefully everything will be up and running by then:

The Witcher is Coming to Lost Ark – New Trailer Shows Why It’s a Real Fit

Players Demand Moving Content – “I can’t imagine having that much fun”

What are the fans saying? They are extremely upset at the moment. One of the biggest threads on reddit is therefore the demand to postpone the December update planned for next week. In addition to a new class, this should bring numerous new activities for the endgame.

In addition to a completely new and the largest Legion Raid to date, there will also be a new Guardian Raid and a boss frenzy for players from Gearscore 1,490. Even completely new equipment should bring the update into play.

But fans say that will have to wait. Actually, all commenters agree that Lost Ark needs to focus on getting the technical issues under control before releasing new content.

Mainly because you’re afraid that they won’t be any fun at all. The upcoming Legion Raid Brelshaza is also considered the most difficult in the game, even veterans from Korea called for the boss to be nerfed. The fans don’t want to tackle such a challenge with constant crashes.

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The demand for postponement met with little opposition and a lot of encouragement:

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Is there an exception? A lot of other people in the comments are more likely to poke fun at the whole situation. But they don’t really want to play under the current circumstances either.

But if Lost Ark still wants to do an update in December, the fans wish that at least the new class appears. In order to level up and try them out, you don’t have to go into difficult raids and the crashes are more bearable, according to fans (via reddit).

So at the moment everyone is eagerly awaiting an answer from the developers. The fans wish that the technical issues come first and the new content can wait for it.

In the past, Lost Ark has often changed its strategy due to fan requests. It remains to be seen whether this will also be the case this time.

In this case, too, Amazon has given in to the demands of the fans: Lost Ark takes the servers offline for hours to take away the items given to the players