New sandbox MMORPG on Steam focuses on PvE, endless areas and… cats

New sandbox MMORPG on Steam focuses on PvE, endless areas and... cats

WorldShards is a new indie MMORPG coming to Steam in the future. The focus is on a colorful fantasy world with countless flying islands. These islands are supposed to be procedurally generated so that the world is constantly expanding. The first trailer is all about housing and boss fights.

What kind of game is this? WorldShards is a sandbox game. So you don’t necessarily follow the quests, but have the freedom to enjoy the game the way you want. You are a human and have been transported to the world of Murrlandia, ruled by cats. However, there was a “CAT-a-strophe” that destroyed the world. You now have the task of rebuilding them.

  • The game dispenses with levels and classes. Instead, your weapon plays an important role. So far, swords, axes, hammers, daggers and claws on the hands have been shown.
  • You start with a few items and have to farm and produce everything yourself.
  • You have your own island where you can build a house and workbenches.
  • Value is placed on a varied exploration of the game world. Here you should discover mysteries, solve puzzles and fight against difficult bosses. You travel from island to island via portals.
  • WorldShards uses an action-combat system that allows you to sneak up on enemies and take them out without attracting attention.

The game relies on colorful graphics, which are not yet final. The angular characters in particular immediately catch the eye. WorldShards shall offer a German translation for the interface and for subtitles; however, the voice output will only be in English.

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You can check out the first gameplay trailer here:

WorldShards gameplay trailer

Game will be listed with online PvP and cross platform

How much MMORPG is it really? That’s not entirely clear yet. On Steam it is listed as an MMO and there is also talk of being able to explore the world with other players and allying with them against bosses.

Otherwise everything should be doable alone. How exactly the interaction with other players works, and whether you can even avoid it completely, is not yet clear. However, there should be a big city where you meet other players and where there is an auction house.

In addition, the information “Online PvP” and “Crossplatform Multiplayer” is listed on Steam. However, it is also unclear what PvP content should be and which other platform is targeted. The official website only mentions the PC, but some developers have experience with mobile games.

However, we contacted the developers to get the exact answer.

Who is behind the game? WorldShards is developed by Lowkick Games. This is an indie studio from Eastern Europe, but it has some MMO veterans working there.

Keith Kawahata, the game’s boss, worked at Wargaming (World of Tanks). Some other developers also come from there. Other employees worked on the WoW clone Allods Online or helped with the western version of Black Desert.

What do you think of WorldsShard? Could the sandbox MMORPG with a focus on PvE and cats excite you?

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