New World: Patch Notes from 7.12. – the Winter Convergence 2022 and beyond!

New World: Winter Gathering is Live - What's in the Christmas Celebration?  (9)

Winter Convergence has begun in New World, the Amazon MMORPG’s Christmas celebration. Accordingly, you may set out again for the winter villages of Everfall, Pride Rock, Webermoor, and Lightwood to complete festive quests for the Winter Wanderer. In return, you’ll receive Winter Tokens, which you can use to unlock exclusive Winter Convergence rewards – special skins, emotes, housing decorations, and more! A new world boss has also been added this year, designed for 20+ players. The so-called Winter Warrior can be found in the Deep Canyon, Lightwood, Edenshire, Equal Measure and in the Brimstone Sands. Defeat him for more special rewards.

The Winter Convergence update will be accompanied by many more adjustments, bug fixes, feature updates, and even new mutant expeditions. We have the full patch notes for you below!

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