Nintendo console cheaply back in stock: Who is the Switch Lite worth for?

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With the Nintendo switch Japan’s most traditional console manufacturer is celebrating immense success. After the painful flop called Wii U, Nintendo took the bold step in 2017 handheld division and the business with stationary consoles to merge The result was a hybrid concept that is now more than over 120 million buyers has found. The switch can be operated as a classic console on the television, but it is also available in the so-called handheld mode playable, like the Game Boy or the Nintendo DS back then. This flexibility makes them so unique for many gamers. With the cheaper model Switch Lite the hybrid concept was abandoned again. It can only be used as a mobile console. But who is it for? Switch Lite actually suitable?

Who is the Nintendo Switch Lite for?

The Nintendo Switch costs around a third less than the standard model of the success console. For this price reduction, however, one accepts some limitations. The slimmed down model of the switch is designed as a pure handheld console. You can not with the TV associate. Although it is possible to use the console in multiplayer mode with external controllers, the shared gaming fun is likely to improve due to the smaller screens (5.5 inches instead of 6.2 inches like the classic Switch) within limits.

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