Overwatch 2 is giving you a legendary skin for Ramattra via Twitch – Here’s how to get it

Overwatch 2 Ramattra Wandering Monk

Overwatch 2 is teaming up again with Twitch, giving you a free legendary skin for the new hero, Ramattra, for a small fee. You can find out what the skin looks like and what you have to do for it here.

What is this skin? It’s about the Wandering Monk skin for the new Ramattra tank, as well as the Restrain spray. This tank was added to the hero collection with Season 2 and now supports you with its brute close combat and its devastating ranged combat.

So that you can also go into battle in style with the new fighter, Blizzard has started another campaign with Twitch. We’ll show you what you have to do to get hold of both items.

Here we have included the story trailer for Ramattra again:

Overwatch 2 Reveals First Gameplay of New Hero Ramattra: “I Got Goosebumps”

This is how you get the free skin for Ramattra

What should I do? The Monk Skin can be obtained through Twitch Drops. You need a working Twitch and Battle.net account. If you have both, all you have to do is open them Battle.net link together.

Then you choose a streamer who has “Drops enabled” or “Drops activated” under his stream and is broadcasting Overwatch 2 live. You then have to watch this for a total of six hours.

After the first two hours, you’ll get the Restrain spray, and then after four more hours, you’ll get the Wandering Monk skin.

After the first two hours, you must redeem your reward on Twitch in the Drops menu to start the four hours for the skin. You can also redeem this there after the four hours. If you don’t do this, your drops will be lost after 7 days – so don’t forget this step.

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How much time do I have? For this Twitch Drop, you have time to watch a streamer from December 6th to December 20th. After that, the offer will be considered ended and a new Twitch Drop will take place.

Do I need the hero to get the skin? No, you don’t need Ramattra to get the skin. Note, however, that the skinn cannot be equipped until you have unlocked Ramattra.

That was all the important information about the Twitch campaign. Do you think such actions are cool or do you rather agree with Cortyn and think that this is marketing from hell?

Twitch drops for WoW and Overwatch are marketing from hell and it’s just annoying