[PCGH-Ratgeber] Buyer’s Guide Blink Security Cameras

[PCGH-Ratgeber] Buyer's Guide Blink Security Cameras

from Veronica Maucher
Amazon has gradually expanded its own product lines in recent years and, among other things, bought the two manufacturers of security cameras, Ring and Blink. In our buying guide, we introduce Blink’s surveillance cameras and explain what they can do.

Our PCGH guide offers a wide range of tests and purchase advice on a wide variety of product categories. In addition to gaming and PC equipment such as monitors, peripherals or hardware, this now also includes various technology from the areas of lifestyle, sports, house and garden or even security. Today we want to inspire you with our latest home security guide, in which we present Blink surveillance cameras including the subscription model.

In our Blink security camera guide we explain, among other things, why you should install a camera within your own four walls or in front of the door and what you have to pay attention to. In addition, we will be presenting all Blink products, including the Blink Video Doorbell, the outdoor camera and various indoor security cameras. We explain exactly what the cameras can do and what they are suitable for and also give an overview of possible accessories such as floodlights or solar panels for power supply.

Blink cameras can be used with or without a subscription. In our Blink buying advice. Last but not least, we will of course also address the question of whether Blink or Ring is better or for which user Blink is suitable.

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