Pokémon Crimson/Crimson: This is the perfect place for you to farm EXP without lifting a finger

In Pokémon Crimson, there is a crater where you can AFK farm experience points.

In Pokémon Crimson there is a crater where you can AFK farm experience points.

Pokémon Crimson and Crimson already makes leveling up your pocket monsters a bit more enjoyable than previous generations. Thanks to the new Auto Battles, you can easily send out your Pokémon and let them fight alone. However, the method also has some disadvantages. Not only do you get less experience, but you also have to make sure that there are always enough enemies nearby for your partner and that you don’t get attacked yourself.

But fans have now found the perfect place to steadily level up your Pokémon without you having to do anything. Instead, you can put the switch next to you and watch Netflix while you relax.

The best place to level Pokemon AFK

The trick comes from YouTuber Dan Berr. He’s discovered a crater in North Zone 2 where Pokémon reliably respawn. However, you cannot reach the spot at the beginning of the game, since your Koraidon/Miraidon must first have learned to climb. So you must have defeated the ruler Pokémon.

This is how the trick works: Once you have arrived at the crater, a bunch of Entorons, Dratinis, Aquana and, in Pokémon Crimson, Grudgedra await you here. All you have to do now is send a Pokémon of your choice (the types Electric, Grass, Ice and Fairy are best suited here) into the auto battle. Then jump onto either the pillar in the center or the edge of the crater with your riding Pokémon. But don’t hold on to the walls.

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In this crater you will find the EXP farming location.

In this crater you will find the EXP farming location.

Not fully automatic: Since the crater is so small, new Pokémon will simply spawn here as long as you stand on the rim. At the same time, you run no risk of being attacked yourself. However, the method is not completely automatic. From time to time you may have to choose a new target for your partner or the Pokémon in the crater may not respawn if you are in an unfavorable position. You just have to adjust something here.

You can see the method in detail here:

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A little tip at the end: If you don’t want to take on several Pokémon types at the same time, you can also help out with sandwiches that you prepare at the picnic. Sandwiches with the water find power, for example, ensure that you will almost exclusively encounter Entoron and Aquana.

By the way, auto battles are also interesting for shiny hunters. They help you to spot the hard-to-identify shinys in particular.