Pokémon GO: How strong is the new Pokémon Keldeo?

Pokémon GO: How strong is the new Pokémon Keldeo?

There is a new monster in Pokémon GO: Keldeo has been available in the game since December 6th, but you need a ticket for it. how strong is it

Where is Keldeo? Keldeo was added to Pokémon GO on December 6th, 2022 with the Mysterious Blade Event, but as a reward from the Special Research Something Extraordinary.

You can only get this special research if you buy the corresponding ticket in the shop – it currently costs 9.99 euros. Keldeo is currently behind a payment barrier, the ticket is currently causing criticism among players. Keldeo should only become available to players without a ticket at a later date.

But what can the Pokemon actually do? We take a closer look at Keldeo here.

That’s how strong Keldeo is in Pokémon GO

This is Keldeo: Keldeo first appeared in the fifth generation of the game and was introduced with the Black and White editions. It belongs to the “Mythical Pokémon”, like Mew or Victini, and is also assigned to the “Knights of Righteousness” – i.e. the monsters around Cobalion, Terrakium and Virizion.

It brings the type combination of water and fighting and can currently reach a maximum of 4,181 WP in Pokémon GO at the maximum level. It is characterized above all by a high attack value.

How strong is Keldeo in PvE? As of now, Keldeo has the potential to be a very strong attacker for raids and arenas.

This is especially true as a Fighting-type attacker: with a combination of the Foot Kick and Sancto Blade moves, it gets blasted from the portal GamePress ranked as the third best combat attacker.

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This type is only surpassed by Mega Lohgock, which has only been available since the Hoenn Raid tag, and Terakium, which is even better positioned in terms of movesets. With the water attackers, on the other hand, other Pokémon are more suitable. You can find an overview in the list of the best attackers in Pokémon GO.

Across all types, Keldeo is classified in the A+ tier, where other strong attackers such as Voltriant, Rameidon, Lucario and various mega developments can also be found.

Overall, Keldeo is a strong combat attacker that should be useful in raids, but also in the fight against arenas. Finally, “Normal” Pokémon are often used as defenders, such as Chansey or Snorlax, which are particularly vulnerable to Fighting-type attacks.

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How strong is Keldeo in PvP? According to an analysis by Pokemon GO Hub Keldeo is a decent option, especially in the Master League, but rather average in the Hyper League. The page PvPoke ranks Keldeo 66th in the Master League and 299th in the Hyper League.

It excels primarily in damage rather than endurance. Due to its type distribution on combat and water, it gets a lot of potential strengths, but also weaknesses.

An advantage is that it can hold its own against many popular monsters in the League, such as Sumpex, Dialga or Yveltal – if you can field a strong Keldeo. But here lies the problem.

This is the problem with Keldeo: Currently, Keldeo can only be obtained from paid research in the event. So on the one hand you need luck to get good stats – and then the candies are missing to get it to the necessary level.

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Currently, candy gathering for Keldeo is only possible by wandering as a buddy, or by using Rare Candies. This makes it harder to level up the Pokemon.

What do you think of the Pokemon? Did you grab the research, or are you waiting for it to become available at no additional cost? Tell us in the comments!

Otherwise, Pokémon GO just brought a new feature: the catch cards.