Pokémon Go: Keldeo FOMO Event Ticket – the euro must be broken

'The equivalent amount in your currency' is promised - and this promise is not kept.

Even if the event ticket to Pokémon Gos Event Mysterious Blade with the special research for Keldeo is quite expensive and it is very obvious that the trainer plays with the FOMO (the fear of missing out on something), one or the other player of Niantic’s pocket monster hunt will probably have flirted with buying the event ticket. According to the original announcement, “The exclusive Special Research, Something Extraordinary, is available this weekend for $7.99 (or your currency equivalent).” I’ll take a screenshot if you don’t believe me.

“The equivalent amount in your currency” is promised – and this promise is not kept.

Source: Niantic

Incidentally, the ticket has been available in the item shop since December 6, 2022. Because Niantic doesn’t attach much importance to an exact conversion rate from US dollars to other currencies anyway and has been adding more in the euro zone for quite a while, I am in my guide to Mysterious Blades from an event ticket price of 8.99 euros ran out – the guide was created when the ticket was not yet in our shop. Surprisingly – or rather annoying – but that’s not the right price either, because Niantic has beaten it up again.

The Pokémon Go currency converter has its own rules

It’s understandable that European Pokemon Go players are upset about the pricing of Keldeo Special Research, as they’re supposed to be paying $9.99, which is definitely not “$7.99 (or your currency equivalent)”. .

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The US dollar has fallen back from its brief high this year over the past month. If those responsible at Niantic actually demanded the corresponding amount in “your” currency, it would currently be less than 7.99 euros – namely around 7.65 euros, more than two euros less than the price you should fork out.

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The exchange rate USD to EUR on December 7, 2022 at 07:45.

The exchange rate USD to EUR on December 7, 2022 at 07:45.

Source: finanzen.net

It’s not the first time there has been resistance within the Pokémon Go community regarding an exclusive Pokémon being sold via a ticket (Galarian Mimes anyone?) and also not with regard to the conversion of prices into other currencies. In particular, the coaches in regions where the Monthly earnings are not at US levelthey have to regularly weigh up which event tickets and which extras they can buy, because otherwise not much of their salary is left over.

Ticket flood in Pokémon Go

In Western Europe, where many players have some cash at their disposal, buying a ticket may not impact what’s on the table at the end of the month in many cases. A surcharge of more than two euros on the US price for an event, the bonuses of which are almost exclusively behind a payment barrier, still makes one or the other quarrel, and that is justified.

In the eyes of many community members, the criticism of Niantic’s pricing is only noticed when the players refuse to access it. That’s why some are calling Coach even to boycott – and as you can see from the Canadian player’s screenshot from the post, the US dollar price converts almost fairly to Canadian dollars, as CAD 10.99 is currently around USD 8.05. So why not in Europe? Or at least the “usual” Niantic price of €8.99 when something costs $7.99?

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