Pokémon GO: Trainer angry about ticket for 10 € – “Now does every event have something like this?”

Pokémon GO: Trainer angry about ticket for 10 € – "Now does every event have something like this?"

The Mysterious Blade event is running in Pokémon GO. But some bonuses are only available if you invest money. A ticket should cost a whopping 10 € and unlocks a Pokémon that is only available for money at first.

What is this ticket? Anyone who buys a ticket for the current “Mysterious Blade” event will, among other things, unlock a special research that brings an encounter with Keldeo. Anyone who does not invest €10 in the ticket will not receive a Keldeo either.

This trend is not well received by coaches. In a survey we wanted to know from you whether you play with a ticket. We show you the results and the arguments of the community.

What does the ticket bring?

This is in it: With the ticket you unlock the special research “Something Extraordinary”. You can buy the tickets now. To unlock the special research, you should log in between December 10th at 10:00 and December 11 at 20:00.

In research there is for you:

Trainers are annoyed about “extraordinary” prices

What the trainers say: When the event was announced, there was already a top comment reddit “So every event should now have a paid ticket?”

Most recently, the Mega Raid Day ran with a fee-based ticket for 5 dollars, and the Community Days have also had the option of buying special research for 1 € for many months. Theme events are now often equipped with optional tickets.

Many trainers remember the special research with Galar Mimes, which only rewarded buyers with the Pokémon. It took a year before it became available for free.

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In another thread, a player claims Niantic lied in the announcement. Officially, the exclusive Special Research ‘Something Extraordinary’ is available for $7.99 (or your currency equivalent) this weekend. Player Horror_Ad_2920 complains that the ticket now costs €10 and not €7.62 according to the exchange rate.

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In a similarly sized thread posted on reddit received a lot of attention, user Jds_AR_Showcase demands “No to pay-to-play” and finds a lot of approval in the more than 800 comments. There it says:

  • “These prices are out of control. It’s a no from me”
  • “‘Something extraordinary’ Yes, these prices are extraordinary”
  • “I’m not there. I pay $0.99 for special events but this is too much for what it is”

How you voted: In our survey we wanted to know from you whether you will buy the ticket for Keldeo. On December 7th at 10:45 a.m., 1,204 users cast their votes on MeinMMO:

  • 607 don’t want to buy a ticket, that’s about 50%
  • 335 say “I’m still unsure”, that’s about 28%
  • 262 want to buy the ticket, that’s about 22%

Do you agree that these tickets are going in the wrong direction for Pokémon GO, or don’t you care about optional tickets if the Pokémon behind them will eventually be unlocked for free anyway?