Rappers get in the boxing ring after 10 years of beef

Manuelsen vs Bözemann: Two rappers get into the boxing ring

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Of: Philip Hansen

The boxing match between opponents Bözemann and Manuellsen takes place. The two rappers have had beef for years, now it should be clarified in the ring.

Hamburg – YouTube and TikTok stars have not been clarifying their problems with words for a while, but with their fists. Now German rappers are getting back into the boxing ring: the relaxed giant Manuellsen has accepted Bözemann’s challenge. Things have been bubbling between the two for years, and now the beef is getting solid. Here is all the information about the fight.

events boxing match
counterparties Bözemann vs. Manuellsen
Followers on Instagram 42,400 vs. 516,000 (as of December 2022)
Monthly listeners Spotify 13,685 vs. 391,351 (as of March 2022)
fight date previously unknown
live stream previously unknown

Manuellsen vs. Bözemann: All information about the boxing match

Who accepted the challenge? The two German rappers have been dancing for weeks Bözemann and Manuellsen around each other. On December 6th, Manuellsen responded to the constant provocation and announced that he would accept the challenge. A boxing match ensues, as has been the norm among influencers and rappers for a while: Trymacs vs. MckyTV boxing match.

Rapper Manuellsen initially remains quite calm in his announcement. In his statement, he also says that he “likes to be the judge” and that he isn’t doing it for the show. But when the camera goes off in a stream with colleagues, the accumulated aggression shines through, Manuellsen hisses towards Bözemann: “knock his teeth out!“.

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When and where is the boxing match? So far, official information about the fight still looks pretty meager. Here is everything that is known so far:

  • Manuellsen vs. Bözemann: All information about the boxing match
  • The date for the fight between Bözemann and Manuellsen is still unknown
  • According to other rappers, Bözemann is still suffering from an injured Achilles tendon, which pushes the date back a bit
  • Where the fight will take place is also not yet clear. There is talk of fighting in a rather small gym, not in a big arena. That would be unusual, mostly the boxing matches among rappers are huge shows in big halls.
  • As soon as there is more information about the fight Manuellsen vs. Bözemann are available, you can find them as always on ingame.de
Manuellsen (left) vs. Bözemann (right): Rappers get into the boxing ring after 10 years of beef © Manuellsen, Bözemann, Imago Images (Montage)

Boxing match stream: It is already clear that her fight between Manuellsen vs. Bözemann live in the stream. With which provider or on which channel is currently still being clarified. It is also being discussed whether Universum Boxing should manage the event. Universum has made a name for itself through the numerous boxing matches between well-known German streamers and influencers.

Manuellsen vs. Bözemann: verbal duel turns into a real boxing match

10 years of beef: There has been a bad atmosphere between Bözemann and Manuellsen for years. The beef is now boiled again, the trigger was the Ballermann. Manuellsen had performances in sunny Spain in 2022. The carefree holiday flair was the target for Bözemann, because one could hardly be further away from the hard ghetto.

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For minutes he laughed at his rap colleagues and delivered rows of verbal digs: “The German rap scene is drifting along really dirty“. Manuellsen, on the other hand, sees himself as a pioneer in establishing rap in Spain and says all haters can thank him later when a new market has been opened up. Here you can watch the most important information in the video:

Sinan-G reacts: Rapper Sinan-G reacts to the news about the fight between the two brawlers. He is not unknown and has already let his fists do the talking in the boxing ring. But he wants to elevate the event even further and says he likes to box because he always wants to fight.

But Sinan-G warns the “crazy” Bözemann, because Manu is a real animal. The two have already had a match: Sinan-G vs. Bözemann: boxing becomes an embarrassing show spectacle. But despite all the violence, the focus should always be on having fun and you can ‘earn a bit of money’, says the rapper and laughs.