Satisfactory Update 7: First patch in Steam Early Access

Satisfactory Update 7: The first patch is here

from Michael Miskulin
Update 7 from Satisfactory, which has already been tested on the Experimental server, has now officially appeared in Early Access. The biggest innovations are the blueprint mechanics and newly added game modes.

Yesterday on the Satisfactory experimental server, it was officially released today in Early Access: the developers at Satisfactory have released Update 7 into the wild. Before that, the team extensively tested the first patch for Update 7 on the test server of the factory building game.

Satisfactory Update 7: The first patch is here

Satisfactory Update 7: What’s new?

In one of your own Steam update and by means of one of your own Post on the official Satisfactory website the developers have provided information for their players about the first patch of update 7 in the early access release. The big innovation of the update are the blueprints, which can be customized and saved. For this you need the building of the Blueprint Designer. This means that the blueprints developed can later be placed with just one mouse click. The developers now note that the work on the blueprint mechanics is not yet complete.

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Also, in Update 7, the developers have added new modes for the game’s wild creatures. This allows players to decide for themselves how they want to deal with the planet’s fauna. These new creature hostility modes can be set in the Advanced Gameplay Settings menu. In “Retaliating mode” the creatures only attack if the player attacks them first. In passive mode, all creatures pass whether they’re attacked or not. The exact patch notes for Update 7 from Satisfactory in Early Access can be found using the links below.

Source: SatisfactoryGame, Steam