Sonic in front of Elden Ring in Game of the Year election: Is a bug to blame for the Game Awards result?

Player vs Margit

When on coming Friday December 9th from 01:30 am German time, this year’s Game Awards are presented, fans of look Elden Ring, Sonic and Genshin Impact particularly suspicious of the winner of the “Player’s Voice” category. The verdict in this election game of the year is the responsibility of the viewers within the framework of a free vote. However, the course of online voting so far raises many questions. There are reasonable doubts as to whether the preliminary result the actual will the gamer reflects.

Vote for Game of the Year: Genshin Impact and Sonic don’t seem to give Elden Ring a chance

At the Game Awards 2022 Games, content creators and e-sports personalities awarded in over 30 categories. What, for example, the awards for Best Art Direction, Best Narrative or Best Score and Music is concerned, a jury of experts and influencers will decide which of the nominees will be among the winning titles.

To in addition also in the gaming sector the fan echo may depict in advance of the Game Awards within the category “Player’s Voice” be voted on for Game of the Year 2022. Still in the final selection Elden ring (buy now €59.84 / €53.99 )Stray, God of War Ragnarok, Sonic Frontiers and Genshin Impact for optional. The fact that the latter appears in this list at all causes incomprehension.

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Genshin Impact is a two years old Free2Play JRPG. However, in the specific case of Genshin Impact, “when winning a big thank you in the form of in-game gatcha tickets” that players would receive. Unsurprisingly, one day before the end of the vote, the Japanese role-playing game was enthroned by a clear margin (over 50%) ahead of Sonic Frontiers (over 30%) and Elden Ring (lean 8%) in 1st place.

Genshin Impact and Sonic before Elden Ring: Does a bug falsify the voting for Game of the Year?

Countless fans are now reporting on Twitter that the online voting apparently affected by various bugs. Videos are used to show that it was not even possible for some of them Elden ring to vote. Also, votes were apparently not counted until one voted for Genshin Impact or Sonic decided. Other users report that it is the exact opposite for them.