Terrakium Best Counters – The Raid Boss’s Guide

The Pokémon Terrakion from the game Pokémon GO

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Of: Daniel Neubert

In December 2022 there will again be many raid events with legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Terrakion is also one of the bosses. Here you can find out the best counterattacks.

San Francisco – On December 8th, the Level 5 Raid starts with the Rock Pokémon Terrakium. The monster is literally a tough one that some trainers are sure to have a hard nut to crack. But don’t worry, in our raid and counter-guide we’ll tell you how to process Terrakium into small stones and give you the best strategies to survive against the Pokémon together with other trainers in Pokémon GO.

name of the game Pokemon GO
Release (date of first publication) July 06, 2016
Publishers niantic
series Pokemon
platforms Android, iOS
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Pokémon GO: Terrakium Counter Guide – These tips will screw the raid boss

Terrakium has these weaknesses: In general, Terrakion is vulnerable to Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass, Psychic, and Fairy-type attacks. So there is a whole range of Pokémon and attacks with which you have good cards.

Pokémon GO: Defeat Terrakium – Counter-Guide for Level 5 Raid © Niantic / Nintendo / ingame.de (Montage)

The 20 best counters against Terrakium: The top 20 counter-type Pokemon against Terrakium tend to be a mix of Psychic and Ground-type Pokemon. Make sure your Pokémon have learned the attacks recommended here so that you can successfully raid the Pokémon.

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mewtwo Confusion, psycho shock
terracotta Double Kick, Sancto Blade
Unleashed Hoopa Confusion, psychokinesis
Lunala Confusion, psychokinesis
meta gross Bullet slash, star slash
hoopa Confusion, psychokinesis
Katagami Razor Blade, Leaf Blade
Zarude Vine Slash, Leaf Scourge
latios Zen Headbutt, Psychokinesis
Kyogre Cascade, surfers
jirachi Confusion, Kismet wish
master grip counter, slam
Shaymin – Zenith form Power reserve, Strauchler
Simsala Confusion, psychokinesis
mahomey counter, slam
Psiana Confusion, psychokinesis
Landorus Clay shot, earthquake
kokowei Confusion, psychokinesis
Galagladi Confusion, psychokinesis
Zacian – Hero Form Metal Claw, cuddler

How many trainers do you need: In order to defeat Terrakium, you should be at least two people. If you’re new to Pokémon GO, you should start the raid with a third trainer as backup.

Pokémon GO: Terrakion – The best stats of the Pokémon

These are Terrakium’s stats: Terrakium can reach the following values ​​in Pokémon GO:

  • Max WP (at level 50): 48457
  • Attack: 217
  • Defense: 163
  • CP: 15000

The best attacks for Terrakion: Terrakion is a viable attacker in PvE, as it can focus on one type through an attack combo. We recommend the following moves for Terrakium, which give it a damage bonus because the move type matches the Pokémon:

  • Instant Attack: catapult
  • Charged Attack: melee

You can also have Terrakium learn another Charged Attack. However, this is unfortunately a bit expensive: you have to invest 100 candies and 100,000 stardust. A very high price, but it’s not really worth it either, since you can use the stardust better for other purposes.

Is the raid worth it? Terrakion is one of the six strongest rock-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO and is definitely worth a look if you are still looking for an attacker of this type. However, in December 2022 in Pokémon GO there are many other events waiting for you. In addition, the “Mysterious Blade” event in Pokémon GO is currently running until December 11th, where you have the chance to get Keldeo.

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