The Callisto Protocol: All weapon locations at a glance – tips

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Find all the weapons in sci-fi horror adventure The Callisto Protocol? In addition to the blade for the sneak attack, you will find seven other firearms or impact weapons in the horror adventure by Dead Space inventor Glen Schofield. We provide you with tips on all locations of the weapons. You get most of the shotguns automatically in story progression. You will only find blueprints for three firearms in remote and secret locations. Attention: If you miss one of these locations, the blueprint will later appear at other locations. We also recommend our review of The Callisto Protocol. In it you will learn the impressions of the strengths and weaknesses of the horror adventure from the point of view of our tester.

blade (shiv)

You get the blade as one of the first tools. The fellow prisoner Elias gives them to you automatically at the beginning of the game. In the crouch you sneak up on opponents and do them insidiously. You also use it to open fuse boxes.

Baton / Stun Gun

You also get the baton at the beginning of The Callisto Protocol (buy now €161.00 ) automatically. During Chapter 2 Breakout you grab the better Stun Gun from a dead guard. You can level this up later at REFORGE stations. This weapon saves you a lot of ammo.

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BI-55 pistol “Revolver”

In the third chapter, Aftermath, Jacob gets the blueprint for the revolver. You print this out immediately at the neighboring REFORGE unit. At this point in the game you should already have collected enough Callisto credits for the first upgrades.

GRP (Gravity Restraint Projector)

Also in Chapter 3 you get the GRP glove. This tool lets you pull objects or enemies in and throw them away. You will find Captain Ferris’ glove automatically and use telekinesis from now on. Use L2 and X (LT + A on Xbox) to pull things in and R2 (RT) to hurl them away. You throw enemies off ledges or into machines to eliminate them directly and save ammo.

Skunk shotgun

You will find a blueprint for this gun. In the third chapter Aftermath you are looking for access for the ship SHU. In the storage rooms and cellars you will find a locked grate with the inscription workshop D302. You will find the right fuse in the level. Kill all opponents. Take the fuse and return to the level entrance, where you open the door to the workshop. You can find the blueprint for the weapon here. At the next REFORGE station, craft the gun for Callisto credits. Attention: As soon as you build the gun, you will also randomly find ammunition for the rest of the game. We recommend waiting for the Riot Shotgun as the Skunk Shotgun only has 2 rounds of ammo.